took this test last night, appeared negative straight away, put it down and looked at it hours later and this showed? Would you say this is positive or evaporation like? ive heard they’re usually colourless and mine is clearly blue? Help??image


  • Sorry hun I think evap did same test and got bf looked back and was positive. I'd try pink dye test. 

  • If it's a Tesco one then they can often leave a thin blue line but it may also be positive so when u due? And may be worth trying another test xxd 

  • Don’t know when I’m due as my injection ran out end of October and not had a period since x

  • I would take another test. Yes blue dye tests do give blue evaps that look very convincing but it's also possible that you're very early so it took longer to actually show. In my previous pregnancy my doctor wanted to confirm my pregnancy with a urine test of her own and it took no lie 10 mins to actually show. She was ready to count it negative until I told her to pls wait. I was obv pregnant. It happens. I would test again and use a timer and see when the line pops up. And you may wanna use a pink dye test because their evaps are more obv than blue so it won't be any question. 

  • Its an evap. If it didnt come uo in time frame its not a positive. Its also to one side and not thick enough. X

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