am I pregnant help

I had sex at the end of October I'm 20 days late on my period I've taken test some come up with a faint but very clear + and others with negatives I've been feeling sick at night very tired all the time also having vivid dreams and I've notice in smelling of body odor and there is also a vaginal odor that has changes has this every happened to anyone before? Please help 


  • Hiya.. Have you used first response or clear blue digital.. If your getting postivie then Id say you are but maybe you should go to a doctor and get bloods done.  When last did u  Test?? Have you any pictures of the tests?? 

  • Hello and yes I've taken all sorts of test my doctors have booked me in for a epu scan tomorrow 

  • With negatibe tests this late on its unlikely youre pregnant. You do need to be checked for what the reason is though. 

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