FAO Joo(beroo) *edit - Basingstoke meet?*

Loving the graffiti on my post, Joo - graffiti away!

I'm about 40 mins from Reading, but actually really near Basingstoke - think I remember you saying you went to the Mothercare there once? Personally I'm not even sure it exists as I drove round the ring road about a million times looking for it once and never found it so went to Newbury instead - muppet :lol:

Know what you mean about time flying - arghh, in no time at all your little bean's going to with you and you'll join the one-handed-typing masses!

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  • What's the beroo mean???!!!

    Gosh, I really didn't know you were so close to Basingstoke, I thought you lived in Oxford? I was going to email you this weekend too and ask for recommendations on hotels in Oxford as we fancy going there for Valentine's Day!!!

    Yes there is a lovely HUGE Mothercare and it really does exist! Its next to a huge Sainsbury's. I think there is another 'retail park' next to it that has other shops (Babies R Us might be one of them) but I think this little bit only has a Mothercare and Sainsbury's.

    I love shopping in Basingstoke - mainly as it houses my favourite shop... Hotel Chocolat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't know but it rhymes with Joo!

    Gtg as got exercise class in Basingstoke in a bit, but will reply with Ox hotel recommendations when I get back (went to uni there so know it quite well). Byeeeeeeee.
  • Ok - if you want really upper end there's the Randolph which is very central and very posh.

    There's also the Old Bank on the High St which is pretty flash and has a nice restaurant (as does the Randolph, but I haven't eaten there so can't comment on the restuarant).

    If you're after simple but comfortable and quaint there's a lovely little B&B opposite my old college which is 5 mins walk from the centre. It's run by a lady called Mrs Williams and it's proper old school - like walking into a different world. If I can't get a place in college I always stay there when I go back to Oxford - it's about ??50 - ??65 a night.

    Er - I don't seem to know any in-between places.... sorry. Anyhow won't be remotely offended if you don't fancy any of those, but let me know if you want more info.

    Have a lovely time - very jealous, I have a reunion dinner there in a few weeks actually which I'm desperate to go to but I can't as can't get Lily to take a bottle! Thinking of asking hubby to come too (with Lily, obv!), leaving them together for a few hours whilst I show my face at the reunion and then making a weekend of it - I met him there so he might quite enjoy that :\)
  • So I wasn't totally off with your connection to Oxford then!!!

    Thanks for the recommendations - I will have a look and send the info. to hubby!

    I also like the idea of staying in a jail cell at the Malmaison but that's quite pricey...!

    It's just somewhere we've never been and we love exploring new places so fingers crossed the trip goes to plan!

    Thank you again!!!

    27w today!
  • How rude - you could at least have butted in with something interesting image
  • LOL at you both!

    SB - yep, we're up on 31st Jan (think that's a Saturday). Hubby really wants to go there and back in one day which causes me great issues with the toilet trips (remember my waffles about Christmas?) so I am not sure myself. But, we are having 'issues' with his Dad and family again and the poor lamb (R) doesn't really want to go at all, but feels he should 'cos we are going out for lunch / dinner in memory of his Mum (31st is her birthday).

    I'll let you know our plans anyway and see if they fit in with yours!

  • One word: bottle.
  • "bottle and funnel" makes it all a bit easier

    Are you speaking from experience? image
  • can i interrupt now?!! hehe
    i recommend the Randolph image

  • Talking of pee pots. Guess what I just found in my handbag... a used one from my last appointment (7 January!!!!!!). The midwife rinsed it out and gave it back to me (eeeeew anyway!) and I forgot it was there!!!!!!!!!!! double eeeewwwww!

  • Did you used to use a funnel for your pee samples, then? Ingenious!

    I discovered a full sample pot at the bottom of my handbag 3 days after a mw appt once (mine always gave mine back to me full).

    Hello mrs_e and little blue bump! image
  • I have a good aim. I have always managed to pee directly into the pot. Yay me!
  • I am gonna interrupt too! The Mothercare in basingstoke is on the outskirts not far from the M3 - there are a load of shops you can see from the roundabout including a pets at home and a rosebys (?). As Joo said - mothercare is down the bottom where sainsburys is!

    I am not far away either - I am just the other side of Andover!

    maybe we should have a meet in the summer when both Joo and I are on mat leave?!

    Tara 26+2
  • Definitely Tara!!!
    I might do the Basingstoke Mothercare tomorrow morning when hubby is out at golf!
  • Hey, I grew up in Basingstoke and my mum and dad still live there. The Mothercare is amazing! Have bought loads from there. I live in Aldershot now which is only down the road. Small world! x
  • Stop taunting me with this mythical Basingstoke Mothercare! Honestly, I passed the M3 exit and carried on round the ring road, but all I could find was a Toys R Us and an Asda :\?

    Definitely up for a Basingstoke meet (but if we arrange to meet at Mothercare I won't be there...)
  • manicmiz - I live in Aldershot too!!!!!!

  • Oh and a Basingstoke meet sounds FAB. I vote Festival Place so I can buy Angus, coughcoughmecoughcough, chocolates from Hotel Chocolat!!!

    PTB - you will bring Lily won't you? That's part of the agreement!

  • I *think* im near Basingstoke!

    My geography is not that good really, I live near Guildford? Always see the signs for Basingstoke when I get on M25.

    Would be up for a meet if its not that far.
  • Dinks - I didn't reply to your post the other day about meeting up when our baby's arrive!
    Yes I am near Surrey... I work in Guildford actually! and live in Aldershot (boo!)
    We should meet on maternity leave too - if I can heave myself off the sofa at that point!!! LOL
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