Hot Baths

Girls, I am a bit worried

I have hot baths most evenings and have continued to do so since finding out I am pregnant. I hate warm baths- they have to be hot

Anyway, I last saw my baby at 9+1 and it was fine but that was three weeks ago and I am worried I have harmed my baby with my baths

No one has actually told me not to have them- it's only that I have read thry can be dangerous

12 weeks today x


  • I really like hot baths too, but since I found out I was pregnant again I cooled them down a little, I still have them hot but not too hot.

    I would say try and cool them down a little, i know you wont like it as much but it would be for the best.

    AnneMarie xx
  • I also love hot baths!!

    I was actually told the other day that it isn't the heat of the bath itself that is likely to cause a problem, but rather than the heat can cause problems to your blood pressure, so if you have either high or low blood pressure, and it can cause faintness and fainting etc. And it was actually for that reason you are supposed to avoid hot baths, saunas, steam rooms etc. Now, since my blood pressure is on the lower side of normal, and I've had no problems with faintness so far, I decided that I could have them a bit hotter than I was doing. Now, it was just one person who told me this, so don't take it as the definite truth!
    Ally xx
  • I have read in several different books and magazines that hot baths, steam rooms, saunas basically anything that dramatically raises your body temperature for a longer period of time can cause abnormalities in the baby. I have cooled my baths right down since finding out I was pregnant its a bit of a pain and not as nice but i dont want to take the risk


  • As far as I know it's all to do with core body temp, and is the same reason pregnant women are advised against having a jaquzzi/sauna/steam room. I wouldn't imagine it could cause actual harm to the baby but I have read that a sharp increase in core body temp CAN in some cases cause miscarriage - I would google core body temp in pregnancy to find out more. But don't panic - if you haven't had any worrying symptoms I'd say you're OK
  • I think its that if your core body temp rises dramatically, the fluid around the baby heats up and can cause problems. Hot tubs, steam rooms etc maintain a high temp but a bath cools very quickly so I would imagine its less likely to raise your core temp.
    I also heard it can cause fainting and dizzyness due to blood pressure, I think I read that on here.
  • I think I am feeling more worried now because my sickness is easing. But I am 12 weeks so that can be easily explained
  • Don't panic. You can't undo what's been done and most likely everything will be fine. Most of this advice we get about what we can and can't do is all based on the percentage of something happening and the percentage is low. If you are really worried, talk to your midwife when you next see her.

    And also now you know, start having warm baths. I usually now get into the warm batth and then add a bit of hot as I go along so it is nicely warm but not boiling. They say one check is if your skin is going red it is too hot.

    Try not to worry. You know now and that is the important thing.

    Niblett xxxxx
  • Kimmy,
    Please don't worry, although I know that its hard after problems before. I had two mc's before this pg (one which was eptopic) and was really paranoid about what I should and shouldn't do. I had a number of early scans and at each appointment I went with a massive long list of things to ask. My scan at 9+2 was with the consultant at the epu at kings who is super brilliant and when I asked her about hot baths (up until that point I had been measuring the temp obsessively) she said that when they see the baby at 9w it is 98% ok and that basically you can do anything. She said to not have a bath so hot that it made me dizzy, but a nice hot bath was not going to hurt me or the baby at that stage.

    Infact now at 24w it is even more of a wriggler when in a hot bath, so its not unhappy about it.

    Hope that helps.

  • mrsrc, that definitely makes me feel better. Hot baths are my only real luxury!!

  • kimmy - i have a hot bath every day - i cant not have one i love it.
    ive waited a few mins longer before getting in so its a smidge cooler but thats it.
    my mw said be careful - dont overheat yourself but go ahead.
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