wen should ur milk start coming in im currently 31wk+4days preg n my boobs aint started leakin yet in my 1st preg im sure my milk started comin in by now.
thanx abbie


  • hey im 31+3 !! lol im getting leakage but ob not a flow!! mainly at nights thoug when i lay on my side i wake to find my top stuck to me !!! lol tmi! i brought some pads to use during the day,, dont worry it will come x
  • I have barely leaked at all, sometimes (tmi!) I can see a bit of milk on my boob lol but no actual leakage! I'm 30 weeks today. Some women don't leak at all. xxx
  • ok thanx thats good to kno i really wanna try breastfeedin wen baby comes but i think ill b too embarrassed todo it out in public and if i need help i dnt rly wan anyone else seein my boobs lol image
  • Yeah I'm like that, I think its great when ppl breastfeed in public but I think I'd be so embarrassed! xxx
  • your actual milk comes in about 3 days after birth - if you leak it could be an overflow of colostrum (the antibody etc bit baby gets for the first 3 days).

    some ladies leak other dont - by 38 weeks I couldnt hear a baby cry without leaking! :lol:
  • Hi! I'm 38+4 and haven't leaked at all yet. I didn't leak in first pregnancy either, and I went on to breastfeed my son for 20 months. Breastfeeding in public is fine. I always used to find a quiet corner to give me a bit of privacy. The only time I felt a bit embarrrassed was when strangers would come up to me and start talking about the baby, whilst I was sat there with my boob out. Luckily, I just got on with it. XXX
  • hi, with my lo i started leaking at about 18 weeks!! but not enough to wear a breast pad. i didnt start wearing breast pads untill lo was 2-3 days old lol everyone is different though. xx
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