Can I eat crunchy nut?

I really fancy some...but don't know if I'm allowed?


  • I have been, but i have no history of nut allergy in my family, so am allowed to eat nuts. Not sure about otherwise but if you're being cautious i'd say possibly not xxx
  • It is only peanuts you must not eat, other nuts like cashews etc are safe. (This is what my books have said, hope they are correct!)

    Peanuts are only not safe to eat if you or your husband/partner have a history of any allergy (like eczema, Asthma, any food intolerance), not just a Peanut allergy.

    I have psoriasis, so I am avioding peanuts (just in case!)


    Kittyboo 18+4
  • Kittyboo is right its just peanuts to avoid if you have history of eczema. asthma or peanut allergies in family.
    I dont think crunchy nut is peanuts is it? have a look on box.

    I have asthma and eczema so im avoiding them.
    Really missing my peanut butter on toast image

    21+5 xXx
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