pregnancy takes bloody ages image lol

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  • yeh hopefully, but right now my back is just getting through these last few months !!! image so sore image lol
  • lol oh blondy your a giggle. i agree though it seems to take forever when you think about it but when you look at it as a few months ago yiou had nothing and now theres a lil person inside of you growing safe and secure i wouldn't want it any other way i want a fully cooked baby not a half cooked one. because of our brains being so complex it takes that long to get it just right like cooking a souffle lol. bring it out to early and it has major problems! image i know where your coming from have had horrendous back pain and other health issues and this is my first! i'm 13+5 bumps becoming more prominant this wek someone who sees me regularly pointed it out lol good job i wasn't keeping it quiet lmao. think of it this way its not even 9months! i have 6 months 2mora! although it makes me 13+6 its the 20th June i'm due! 184days left it seems smaller in days than in months lol or look at it as 26weeks left. which ever way you look at it baby will only come out when ready be glad your not a smelephant! over 2yrs carrying baby and baby kicking you!
  • i know lisa i want your pregnancy to hurry up to so i can see the little man LOL xxx
  • haha!! yeh jemma u wont only see him ill be dumping him on ur doorstep for a few days LMFAO!!! think of it as practise for ur one :P lmao muahhahaha !!!
    u no i just wnt to go to a nice relaxing spa and have an all overback massage that wud work wonders image
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