Heartburn & pain under ribcage

Really dont want to whinge............................. but im really suffering with horrendous pain under my ribcage which i can only presume is my little cherubs head or feet!
An ideas other than getting on all fours to try and get her to move position?
Ive tried chocolate n sweet things but once she gets in this position she seems settled!!!!!
I couldnt sleep at all last nite, even tho she was wriggling about loads its still painful just under my right ribs??

Im getting really quite nasty heartburn too which mainly is worst before our evening meal but has started coming at all times of the day.
Im on Gaviscon prescribed by Dr & MW and i also make sure i try and alternate between taking a swig of Gaviscon and having a glass of milk as im very aware of bubs in there.
I know gaviscon is safe in pg'y but does anyone have a fab cure they could share for either problems?

Many Thanks Ladies



  • Have used frozen veg before to make her move from ribs as I was sobbing with pain.
    Living on gaviscon/rennie and milk! (your not alone)
  • I could have written this post myself!

    Sorry lovely, no other advice but you're def. not alone!

    Joo xxx
  • how far r u cos u have to watch it isnt epigastric pain which can indecate preeclampsia in the later stages of pregnancy ive had it twice xxx
  • Got the same problem. My LO seems to like wedging his head or feet into my rib cage on a regular basis now.

    My heartburn is awful. Some days not so bad, other days I can't shift it. Some nights drink a pint of milk before I go too bed, but then at 3 am have to get up for some gaviscon as the heartburn returns.

    If anything with all the milk I'm drinking he will have really strong bones!
  • peppermint tea or camomile tea (both safe in pgy) are good for indigestion and heartburn.
    Ames x
  • Hi
    I'm gatecrashing from toddlers - but just wanted to say I have full sympathy with you .The only time I got any relief from the rib pain was after I had given birth.The first thing I said to my hubby was that it was like having a stick removed from my ribs.

    I did find knelling on all fours gave some relief and Its supposed to help change a babies position.I would mention it to your midwife she may have some different ideas .I also used to get giant sized bottles of gaviscon from my midwife for the heartburn. image

    Hope it gets better soon xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks for your replies ladies..........
    Went out today and brought a an excercise ball and its FAB FAB FAB!!!!
    It gets her moving and relieves the ribcage pain....... as for the heartburn im still using the gaviscon as prescribed and the mdwife today said swig away!!!!
    Someone has also mentioned Strong Garlic Capsules aswell, so im gonna give them a go too!

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