thought i knew.........

what i wanted? well i wanted to come off the pilll to ttc no2 my son is 7 months nearly but no oh has agreed instead of after xmas as i dont have any pills left and would mean going to nurse etc to get 3 months supply which would be wasted after next month. but now i feel a bit scared! did anyone else feel like this? it took 15 months ttc joseph and i am thinking that it will be the same now but if it takes 1 month i dont know how i will feel? HELP!! xxx


  • oh i dont know what to say im afraid. i want another one, Joshua is 6 1/2 mnths, but i know deep down its too soon to start trying just in case it does take 1 month. were going to start trying again when Joshua is 1yr- it took us nearly 5 months last time. if it does take a month it may be a shock but it may not- and if you really want another lo you'll get used to the idea im sure. just try to imagine what it will be like with a 18month old and a newborn. talk it through with oh again and then see what you think, good luck with your cant be that hard with 2 under the age of 2 cant xxx
  • i know i keep worrying about joseph still being young but yes i like the close in age thing! xx
  • Hmmm well i am the wrong person to comment I'm afraid. Barney is only 3 weeks 5 days and already I want the next one. Quite why I feel this way I've no idea but I am so broody. Mind you, OH will take some persuading so I've got that hurdle to cross first..... Perhaps these feelings will disappear over the next few weeks...
    You could get the pills and only ask for a months supply to last you til after Xmas?
    Good luck with whatever you decide
  • yeah prob could but part of me doesnt want to!!!! i m sooooo broody moreso than 1st time and it took 15 months!!!! it doesnt go away well didnt for me!!! xxx
  • yeah prob could but part of me doesnt want to!!!! i m sooooo broody moreso than 1st time and it took 15 months!!!! it doesnt go away well didnt for me!!! xxx
  • Hi i have a 14 month old son and about 9 weeks pregnant with my second. I must admit i always wanted to have my children close together but i am feeling very emotionally and physically tired this time round! They say that 2nd time its easier,this maybe so but not when you have to juggle, being pregnant, a toddler and working all at the same time!
    I am still very glad that im pregnant and cant wait for my little one to arrive.
    The only advice i can give you is to wait until your little one is a little bit older and see how you feel. As my doctor said "you have already proved you are able to concieve, so it might not take as long this time"

    Anyway good luck xx
  • I felt exactly the same when my oh agreed we cud try for baby no2, and as soon as we had unprotected sex I was asking myself if id done the right thing. I fell pregnant first time with my first son and its the same this time round but Im well chuffed now and enjoying myself. Kerry x
  • i would definitly prefer to have them closer in age thats why i think we'll wait till Joshua is 1yr to try. There is nearly 6 yrs between me and my sister and it was horrible growing up cos we didnt really play together and she always took my things etc but now were older, im 24yrs and she is just 19yrs its great, we see eachother when were out and we go clothes shopping and she loves Joshua to bits. So there is definitly pros and cons of having them close together or far apart but personally i would choose closer together everytime.

    I agree with Tracey- just get 1 pack of pills and take it from there xxx
  • Why not come of the pill and use condoms til your sure! That way if you do wait til after christmas you have had a month to start getting the pill out of your system and your body into a proper routine again?
  • millie is 5 1/2 month im trying again, second month of ttc and nothing yet xx
  • Im having my first and I persuaded my OH for us to start ttc this year. He wanted it to be later on in the year but I got impatient and came off the pill at the end of January.

    I had it in my head that after taking contraception for 15 years and no mishaps in that time that it would take me about a year to fall pregnant. I was wrong!

    Had positive test begnning of May and due in January.

    We are both delighted and my GP says im a good advert for how reliable the pill is.
  • yeah decided to wait until after new year. ie new year new start!! ooh how exciting yet scary scary scary!!!! xxx
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