Back Pain

Hi girls

Just need some advice really

Come home from work today with pain in my backjust under my ribs like i have trapped something, going to the docs tonight to be on safe side ( had 2 m/c previously).

Had anyone else had the same???



  • hi caroline, sorry cant help buthave you been docs yet?
    how far r gone r u? i shouldnt worry too much maybe baby is in funny position...
    hope all ok xxx
  • HI

    Am currently 8 weeks, thinking it might be a kidney infection had one before but just want to be checked out.

    Not had any appointments/ scans yet and a bit worried got docs appointment at 4:50 tonight after some hassle on the phone
  • They are a bit crap. They hadent even refered me. And i'm over 12 weeks and not had my normal 12 week pic is cause i begged the doc for one that was doing an emergency scan cause of some bleeding.
  • tashy1 where do you live ?

    Being v paranoid as i am at the moment i rang doctors to check if my refferal had been sent off, the woman at doctors said she would have to speak to some one to check, i asked if she had my number to phone me back so she said i won't be ringing you back i just send t if it hasn't been done,

    i went to docs 4 weeks ago to say i was pregnant

  • Found out why i haven't had an appointment yet, they forgot to send it off !!! so i have been waiting 4 weeks for nothing.
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