everyone but me!

hi all

it seems like everyone cant wait for their babies to be born except me.. all i think about is how much pain its gonna be image i could keep her in here forever.

everytime i look at my countdown its a day closer and i get more worried (33 days now) im also gonna miss being preggers as i have loved every minute.

am i strange?



  • no cause your not strange ! I think everyone feels like this at some point in their pregnancy and i will def miss my bump ! Wouldn't worry about the pain have some drugs your be fine ! Everyone copes with it different i hate pain so had everything going with my first ! Just try to focus on your last few weeks with the bump
    Take care x
  • No you are not strange, too be honest I am really worried about the pain too especially since I have started having very painful bh lately, but as yummymummy says there will be plenty of drugs plus I am just gonna focus on the fact that I will meet me lo at the end of it! Although I have had enough of being pregnant I will miss my bump and feeling lo kick all the time! Tammi xxx
    35.5 wks
  • i have had a fantastic pregnancy it could not have gone better "touch wood, so far"

    i think its because im prob only gonna have the one baby so i know that this is the only time im ever gonna be preggers. and its been lovely.

    but the labour pain side is just bugging the hell out of me

  • No your not alone! As much as I want this baby and dont want to be pregnant anymore, I am so not ready for labour! I'm really scared. But just remember you can have all the pain relief you need.
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