low lying placenta + big baby

ive had my 20 week scan and got told ive got a low lying placenta and its going to be a big baby prob over 10lbs which will prob mean c section but im worried that i wont be able to bond with my baby or do anything with my other 2 for a good month to 6 weeks i know low lying placentas can move as the baby grows its the size of the baby thats making me nervousimage


  • I have got my scan today. I was told at 13 weeks that my plancenta was very low, and they are going to check to see if it is higher now. They said if it wasnt then I would be re-scanned at 34-36 weeks and if still low then would be booked for a c section.

    I am really nervous about my scan.

    I am sure all will be fine. xx
  • ive got another sacn at 34 weeks and got to see midwife every month
  • Hi how big were your last two? my two were 8 lb 9 1/2 and 10 lb exactly and they think this one could be 11lb or more i have to have a scan at 36 weeks, i had normal delivery with dd and ds i had forceps after pushing for over an hour he got stuck they prepared me for a c-section but got him out with forceps, they havent mentioned a c-section to me just have to wait and see what scan shows but i would like to try a natural birth again as it wasnt that bad with ds but at least they are aware i have big babies and can be prepared, i wouldnt worry to much at this stage as theyll be able to tell you more after your scan.
    vikki xx
  • my other 2 were 8.13oz and 9.11oz and i am having a gtt in a couple of weeks to see if the size of the baby is due having diabetes so its just a waiting game x
  • i had my scan and my placenta is still low. I have to have a scan again at 34 weeks.

    Do i need to do anything differently at the moment???
  • Hi, I had a C-section first time round as I also had a big baby I had a back operation the year previous and there were concerns that I couldn't have an epidural in an emergency. My daughter was 9pounds 1 and taken out a week early they said the rate she was growing if she'd gone 2 weeks over due date she'd be 12 pounds. I won't lie it really does hurt, a lot of people think it's an easy option from a trad delivery but it is just as painful. However I still was able to feed her as soon as I came round (was under GA) and still had the skin to skin touch/bonding with her. My daughter is now 6 and we are very close I didn't feel the fact I had a C-Section affected our bonding at all. With regard to doing things for your other lo's I think you will surprise yourself. You just need to be very careful with lifting but at the end of the day you'll have a new baby! Us women are amazing what we can cope with and I'm sure you'll be fine just remember not to over do it when doing things. ;\)
  • i know this is probaby a silly question, but can i still have sex and exercise and do what i am doing at the moment?
  • aprrantly you can still do everything the same just take it eaasy when exercising went to midwife on friday and the baby is growing really well and has said that even if i dont have a c section they will induce me a couple of weeks early to make sure the baby doesnt gewt to big
  • hi my placenta is low lying and i need to have another scan at 36 weeks, but also the bby is breech at the moment too!!
  • My placenta was very low at 20 weeks. I was told to be careful, not over do it , lift heavy things nor have sex ( i bled after sex once)
    At 34 weeks my placenta was over birth canal (previa) and had imbedded so deeply (accretia). I was put on immed bed rest and was due to go to hosp at 36 weeks for section at 37. However I bled heavily at 35 weeks and had emergency section. She and I were fine. This was my 5th baby but first by section and I felt no difference at all with bonding etc... I was just so relieved that we were both OK.
    MOST lo lying placentas do move so I would not worry toomuch. If it doesnt then a section is no where near as bad as I thought it would.
    My 3rd was 8 14 and my 4th 9 4 . I also had GTT which was negative. They were going to induce me at 38wks if this baby had been big too. she was doing Ok and at 35 weekd was 5lb 7oz so think she would have been about 8lb. I was told if having the same sex as your last babies then the weight goes up.Had she been a he the weight would prob be in the 10lb range. However she was a she so a little smaller.

    good Luck with all these placenta's
    d x
  • hi does anybody know what all the options are for a low lying placenta as when i saw consultant today he said to go back after my scan to discuss all options

    i thought a c-section was the only option for low lying placenta??
  • i got told that a c section was the only option but they will discuss everything with me and my 34 week scan i just cant wait for the baby to be here now 14 weeks left and counting and as long as the baby arrives safetly and healhty im feeling so much better about having a c section if i need 1 this site is great to air all your concerns and everybody is so nice and helpful thank you all so much xx
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