Crikey, 9 weeks to go

i cant believe i have 9 weeks left to go. time has flown by like god knows what. i'm 31 weeks on thursday and been told i wont go over 39 weeks so its less than 9 weeks to go!
i cant believe that my little someone will be here soon and yet i got so much to do yet. Roll on maternity leave so i can get busy.
How is everyone else doing, is time flying for all you


  • Lol, i know it goes so fast during the 3rd trimester! lol I'll be 32 weeks on Sunday! lol x
  • Hiya i have 8 weeks to go and yea it is going quickly now all i have to do is arrange dilvery of the prame and car seat and go and buy a crib with my oh as he wants to choose it
    kirsty 32+1
  • Haha Aw I have 3 weeks to go and it's come round so fast! I'm trying to relax whilst on maternity leave but just can't with the thought my little man could be making his appearance any day now!
    Hope it flies for the rest of you too xx
  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 5 weeks for me now!!!! Just need to finish work, finish nursery, finish hospital bag, go to a's going to fly by!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!! xxx
  • I've also only got 9 weeks to go and its crept up on me too! I'm really starting to feel it now too.... Have been fine and very active up to now but the heat isn't helping me relax! Good luck ladies!
  • I have 9 weeks to go. Is my second pregnancy and I feel more nervous about labour than I did the first time. Feel so excited and exhausted. Has anyone got sickness back . Im dying with it xxx
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