worried about weight can u help??

hi i am 26+2 and a size 6-8 ( pre pg) so far i have put 1 stone on which i see as being normal. but the thing that is worrying me slightly is that i had been putting 1lb on every week and for the last week and a half i have put none on. i weigh myself every week at boots. when should i get concened?? i know its prob normal and if i carried on putting 1lb on throughout my pregnancy i'd prob put too much weight on.i know millie is fine as shes moving and kicking all the time. but i just keep thinking what if my placenta has stopped working??! i have a 4d in a weeks time and then mw a week after. but just wanted some advice to stop me worrying a bit? my husband thinks i'm worrying about nothing! but i worry alot anyway just the way i am lol
princess+millie 26+2 xxx


  • Hi princessjane,

    I replied to some other weight issue post earlier. First of all, I think you shouldn't worry. I am 28 weeks gone and have put on about 1 stone so far.

    As I wrote in my other post, my midwife believes that you should NOT weigh yourself, because this is when you start worrying yourself unnecessarily. Everybody "grows" at their own rate and most of the weight gain is fluids and NOT the baby. As long as your baby is moving and you are healthy and fit, then there is nothing at all to worry about.

  • Please dont worry - I lost and gained weight on and off throughout the whole pregnancy, was really up and down. I didnt gain even a pound until 28 weeks!!! And this was with a big bubs - I think the less weight you put on the better. I put on 1st 5 in whole pg and lost it straight away.
  • hi i'm 22 weeks and last week when i weighed myself i'd put on almost 2 stone but yesterday i'd lost 4lb, i freaked out and ate 2 huge plates of dinner plus a big pudding then felt really sick and thought how silly i was being. i think as long as you're eating a balanced diet and everything else is going ok a bit of fluctuating is normal x x
  • remember that there are loads of things that can affect the readings and make them higher or lower (clothes, time of day, eating just before even having a poo or not). i'm sure that everything is fine as millie is moving and kicking etc. as long as you dont lose loads of weight then flucuations are normal.
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