more freebies!!!

hey im really sad but when found out was pg i was quite ill and been off loads with spd so i have scouted the net all day !! and as my first baby i was looking for all the info on everything i could get !!
best sites i found our: (formulaa milk advice and when you sign for info free cuddly polar bear!!) you shop here using their point card you get free gifts at till but vouchers sent through for nuresery equipment)
www.cow& cuddly cow when you sign up for milk info) organic samples and vouchers when you register) books,vouchers,samples,dvd's when you register),vouchers) changing bag & gifts)
www.tesco(free huggies basket and parking ticket)

their is some more but im a bit funny about some of thm and giving details to smaller companies so i tend to stick to ones i know !!!
happy shopping!!!


  • Thanks hun.
    It's been 10 years since I had my boy so I'm starting all over again as we got rid of everything (oh was adamant about not having anymore until my friends grandaughter was born last October, She has him wrapped round her tiny little finger :lol: )
  • Thanks for posting this, I'm going to register with all of these next week lol
  • Thanks Jem, I'm obviously sadder than you though cos I've already subscribed to all of these!

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