My nips :-/

Ok well I just came in from lunch and went to the loo and on my black dress i saw a white mark right where my right nip is. So I had a look at my nip and it was all sticky??? So is the other one???

I looked and this is hard to try and explain but they looked slip, not on the actually nip as such more on the area that attached the nip to the areola. It's not sore at all and not bleeding or anything what the hell is this???


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  • Its normal to get white "bumps" on and around your areola, like little white spots, is that what you have? Either that or it could just be a little colostrum!
  • it does just sound like you may have leaked a bit. Fortunatly im yet to experience this!! hope your alright! x
  • No it's not those white spots hun they looks cracked almost and are sticky?? Don;t hurt or anything but I must say it has made me feel a little sick lol have no idea why as I knew from 16 weeks onwards this could happen.

    K xx
  • Yeah its probably colostrum hun xx

  • So funny will have to keep an eye on me wearing black, i live in black LOL

    K xx
  • just stick some breast pads in your bra hun, that'll protect your clothes!! I really like the babies r us ones, don't know why, they just always felt more comfy! xxx
  • Oh I will give those ones ago thanks hun image

    Do you think I will leak now till birth or does this come and go?

    K xx
  • I think it comes and goes, mine certainly does! Sometimes i dont notice any at all and then i have a few days where i cant fold my arms without leaking lol!
  • LOL the joys of pregnacy eh image

    K xx
  • I am 22 weeks today and have not had any leaking yet! not that I am wanting to leak but because I have'nt yet I stress a bit

  • Hi hun I started leaking a little yesterday aswell sounds like it might be that


  • I would not worry hun my friend did not leak at all till she had her baby in fact two of my friends did not leak till they had the babies.

    Iwas really shocked I had as I just thought it would not happen to me for some reason but there you go. It can happen at all different times as well.

    K xx
  • I have only started leaking in the last week and half - but it is definitely normal NOT to leak until the birth!

    Tara 32+5
  • Hiya K! I've got this too! Mainly when i'm in the bath or shower. Have been getting it for a few weeks now. Breast pads here we come!!! xxx
  • what u r explaining sounds like your colostrum which is what baby will get if u choose to breastfeed until your milk comes in anytime between days 3-5 after the birth.It ,may be worth getting some breast pads if u r leaking alot xxx
  • Thanks girls the shock of this happening is over now lol I actually got some free pads when I went to the baby show so will keep an eye on it today and have brought some with me just in case.

    I am pleased it was not a lot so maybe thats all i will get. I wonder why it has started to early.

    K xx
  • hi i experience sore nips but dont have any sticky stuff around them, contact your midwife she will be the best person to tell you!
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