not enjoying the pregnancy

Hi everyone
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I used to come on here but havent managed to log on in a while because the sites been really slow, dont know if thats just my computer?
I was on the sister site, you and your wedding for a long time and someone recommended this site to me.
I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my second baby and finding this pregnancy really hard! I had a really good pregnancy with my first but really struggling with this one, I'm keep getting period type pains when I've over done things a bit and the doctors and midwives keep telling me to take it easy but with a 4 year old daughter to run around after thats easier said than done! Anyone else having a hard time of it? Just finding it hard to enjoy the pregnancy which is shame because I'm at one of the best bits now because I have a proper big bump and feel the baby move but I'm just not enjoying it and I have sooo long to go! My morning sickness is still quite bad and I struggle to eat anything except flaming hot monster munch, not very nutrious! My daugher was born with a major heart condition and has had 3 sets of open heart surgery already so I've been having lots of scans to check this ones heart, I had one this morning and its all looking good so far but I cant help worrying.
Anyone else just want the baby and not the pregnancy?!


  • Aww hun sorry your having such an awful time of it too! I'm so sorry to hear about your two babies, that must have been devastating for you. How come they cant agree on your due date? They keep saying I must be further along as the baby is big but I really cant be, I fell pregnant the first month I came off the pill!
    I really wanted a boy and then had a girl and I am so glad I did now! I love Abby to bits. I think its a bit easier to bond with girls but then saying that, a friend of mine had a boy and she bonded with him long before I felt truly maternal towards abby. Is this your first?
  • lol yeah she'll come out when she's good and ready! I was 17 days overdue with my first when she finally came out and was sooo fed up! I keep getting told I must be further along but I really cant be because I came off the pill at the beginning of the month and had a bfp 4 days before my period, so I know I cant be any further along. starting to feel a bit happier now, but just wish the pains would stop, I keep getting really bad period pains and then bleeding a little bit and its just so worrying!
  • Im 17 weeks 2 days with my first and im not really ebnjoying this pregnancy as i have constant period like pains and cervical pains (shooting pains which make me feel like ive sat on a knife!) Not very nice!!

    Cant wait til my next scan and double test results so i can see evrthing is ok and finally start to relax and enjoy my pregnancy
  • I had an appointment with my midwife on monday and I sat and cried through it telling her how much I hate being pregnant now! She managed to get me an appointment with the consultant for 2 wks time to try and sort out my c/section. Fingers crossed I get to book one for 10th June!!!!

    We watched alien vs predator when the alien impregnates the mums in the hospital and they have all these little aliens moving round there bellies and I told my oh and midwife - thats how I felt!

    I just want my Tommy here now!
  • it so nice to know that im not the only one that doesnt enjoy feeling pregnant. Im 35 +4 with my 2nd and havnt enjoyed it either time but the end result is so worth while. We want 4 children but how I can do this 2 more times is beyond me!!
    my friend is due around the same time and is having a ball with being pregnant and i feel she keeps looking down and patranising me for not liking it! Although i only have a few more weeks to go so im lucky.

    hang in there ladies
  • I wouldnt mind it if the pain and the nasuea would just go away! I keep getting shooting pains like I've sat on a knife and if I move too quickly or cough I get a pain in my pelvis like I've pulled something. I know the end result is worth while I've just had enough already and I have soo long to go. I saw my m/w today and told her I was really hating the pregnancy, was scared of the labour etc and she just basicaly told me to stop moaning and get on with it! I suppose she's right though, theres not alot I can do about it except get on with it and hope it gets better soon!
  • I sympathise with all pregnant ladies! I always thought pregnant woman were just full of nonsense and using pregnancy as an excuse for everything ...... Well I learnt otherwise and if this is what pregnancy is all about then I wont be doing this again!
  • Hi everyone, am 16wks with my second and not enjoying it at all. My first was great. but this time i get moments of total sadness and feel so down and cant explain why. I also have really bad constipation which is just awful. My partner and son are good to me and look after me really well and are excited. I must admit melissa am also waiting for my 20wk scan just to make sure everythings ok, maybe then i can relax a bit more and enjoy.
  • Sorry to hear your not having a good time ladies but as you say - the end result is worth it! I've mostly enjoyed my pregnancies (must have done as preg with no5!) just not the discomfort etc.

    Be careful with the pelvic pains - mite b a poss sign of SPD (symphisis pubic dysfunction) where the ligaments in the pelvis are weakened due the the hormaines of pregnancy. It's probably not but just in case - mite b an idea to mention it to ur MW.

    Anyway, wish you all lots of luck xxx
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