Bought my first few baby outfits today - what a bargin!

We were going to wait till 21 week scan in 4 weeks before we bought anything, however today in Matalan they had 2 georgous outfits that we both liked so I bought them one was a sleepsuit, bodysuit, with scratch mitts that fold back and hat and the 2nd one was a sleepsuit set, both with cute teddies on total price ??11.50 plus bought some slippers that were free when I paid for them only got charged ??10.50 in total. I was in tk max trying on some jogging bottoms and hubby was looking a growbags, well what a bargin, both were cream/beigh with teddy design again but what a bargin, notmal prices of these are around ??25.00-??30.00 got one reduced from ??35.00 and paid ??8.00 and the other one was ??12.99 from ??27.99. We got some good bargins today. Went in Mothercare and measured for bra normally a tiny 32A but finally ended up with a 34DD omg I am not that big but the other sizes did just not fit, have got them on the tightest hook and it allows me room to grow. My the choice in maternity bras are awful, cotton ones crap, got a black & white one t-shirt ones which are ok.

My mum has just got the hump now because she was not allowed to buy anything and them we went and got this stuff, oh well.

Also Asda' s do some really cheap nice stuff so we have decided to get most of the clothes from these shops and they are cute and cheap and baby will grow out of them very quickly, so why go down the expensive route when the cheaper shops are just as good if not better.



  • hey hun i too have given in!! i had a scan 2day and found out we are having a baby boy!! me and my mum were so excoted that we went to debenhams and next afterwards and got a couple of little outfits! xxx
  • Yeah I replied to your post in September, you sound so happy and over the moon to be having a boy as you already have 2 girls, congratulations and best wishes.


  • thank u! i just didnt think id carry a boy again after loosing our 1st baby over 5 yrs ago,he was a baby boy! so i am on cloud 9!! xxx
  • i love pumpkin patch! wow lauren and lola thats a great idea to do that! xxx
  • Yay to buying your first baby things - its such a good feeling!!

  • Sunflower, as well as pink and blue growbags in tkmax they have beige also, thats what we bought and they are georgous.


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