embarrassing question but plz tell me what you think?

okay so i didn't know whether to put this on here but i need to talk about it. as many of you know i've had 2 mc's am pg for the 3rd time but not convinced it's going well so having an early scan on mon.
Anyway, during the night i dreamt i was having sex and when i orgasmed i woke up with a really painful cramp/ spasm that left my tum feeling a bit achey after . I 've had this happen in all 3 pgso followed by off coloured discharge but no dc this time. im not saying this is related to my mc's but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of thing. not the kind of thing i wana talk about with gp. xx


  • Hi Funky Monkey, I haven't experienced this but did experience loads of very odd dreams while pregnant and woke up like they were very real or had sensations like it was real. I think the more stressed I was the dreams were worse (or wierder!).... enjoy your pregnancy and don't get too stressed!! Chill out over the weekend and good luck with your scan on monday! image
  • Thanks Im just woried coz the cramps are are quite strong when they happen. im not really worried about what im dreaming as i think its like when you dream the phone is ringing and when you wake up it is, with this I dream im having on orgasm but really im having a cramp. just wondered why i only experience cramping this strong at night. Anyone else experiencing strong cramps just occasionally though?
  • Hey Funkymunkey,

    It Could be that you are actually having an orgasm in your sleep and tensing your stomach muscles therefore causing the cramps. When I was in early pregnancy whenever me and dh had sex I would get cramping after my orgasm because it caused my tummy to tense so much. It's actually quite normal to have orgasms in your sleep especially if you are having a naughty dream image and naughty dreams are more likely during pregnancy too.

    I hope everything works out for you hun.

  • Hi Funkeymonkey

    Don't worry about this at all hun... I have had these at least once a week since becoming pregnant & everything is fine!
    It is an orgasm but much stronger than the type you usually have (when you are awake LOL)

    It's pretty weird as i'd never experienced anything like this before i got pregnant & i was also worried about miscarrying after losing my first pregnancy.
    Now I'm actually counting myself lucky coz real sex hasn't been on the menu for me at all!

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