Anybody used Tens before?

Was wondering how good it is? considering it for pain relief for labour.


  • yep hun in the first stages then i threw it at the midwife in temper cos she wudnt give me any pethadine cos i was to far dilated lol it didnt do alot 4 me personaly xx
  • wen i got sent home from hospital coz i wernt dialated enuf they gave me one to borrrow... i didnt do anything for me just eded up throwin it at the wall!!! lol
  • I found it really good! I had a very long three day labour and I used it for two and a half days with nothing else, it was good because I could walk around with it. Very easy to use too.

    Will defo be getting one for this time xx

    13 w
  • dont know about for labour but I have one for endo and period pains and at times I would be lost without it. I find it fantastic and will definitely be trying it during labour when the time comes.

    Lisa xxx
  • Hi

    Don't think it helped much but did give me something to play with! If you put it on don't take it off - it won't be as effective the second time - I have no idea why x

    Sue 33+1
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