non preg related rant sorry x

ive just had the rspca on the doorstep third time in 14 months im so upset it feels like im being targeted by my pain in the arse nieghbours fist time it was my old dog was underwieght she wasnt they left 2nd my cats were preg and underwieght they were and are fine this time because my old cat has bad skin she has had this since she was a kitten and has breakouts i was told by vet it was a flea allergy but as shes been treated and it didnt work ive changed her food and its starting to work i told the guy this but he still wants me to take her vets fair enough i will cause i do love my animals then he wanted to check how much animal food i had in the house so showed him that was ok then he wasnt happy that the garden was dirty the dog has turned the grass to mud in this wet weather! i nkow they have a job to do and im pleased there doing it but im starting to feel like they should be seeing a pattern i cant stop weeping i hate living here i fell out with alot of people last year as there kids threw stones at my car and smashed the rear windscreen and i got upset and phoned the police and now shout at the kids if they play any were near my house and i feel like this is pay back sorry for the moan but hubs at work xxxxxxxxxxx:cry:


  • oh you poor thing. I would have thought the rspca would have realised that you were being targeted by nasty neighbours after that many calls that turned out to be unfounded. You'd think they would be too busy with genuine calls this time of year.
    Im not sure what to advise but hope you get it sorted somehow.
    Take care

    Lisa xxx
  • i cant believe they were upset about the garden being muddy! Dogs do not mind running around in mud! My dog has also churned up the grass and its like a mud bath out there when it rains and have got a bit of a job to do on my garden for the summer to say the least but im horrified to think that the rspca would be conderned about it!!! Dogs dig up the grass all time and it dies when they pee on it. I really feel for you, i would be devastated if the rspca turned up at my house. I feel so sorry for you xxx
  • thanx girls im less weepy about it today was gonna wait until spring to have a tidy up out there but they are coming back in a month so il have to do it now xxx
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