left baby!

My baby ALWAYS lies on the left. Whenever I use the doppler thats where I will find it. If I feel movement, its always on the left.

does anyone else have this?

my husband says its because I always sleep on my right so that baby is used to lying on the other side so as not to get squashed! is this true?

I just find it puzzling. I thought babys moved around?



  • mines a right baby always there has been for months its funny because you can actually see the shape well you can see exactly where she is lying

    25 days to go
  • My last baby was a left baby, Apparently its the best position for a baby to be in, leading up to the birth. I don't know why, my midwife told me that.
    it wasn't true for me because having been engaged since week 35, when I finally went in for induction at 10 days over, he popped free and promptly put his arm above his head (think superman) and made labour very long because I didn't dilate fast enough LOL
  • I always felt my lo on my right! Hardly ever on my left side.
  • I cant feel my baby at all but i have been told that its better to lie on ur left side which it gives more room for the baby, i dont no if its true but i always end up on my right side anyway. i personally dont think that it really matters just go with whats best for you.
  • Yep mine is always on my left, I think because I always sleep on my right. In fact when I try to sleep on my left she kicks and punches me really really hard until I turn over again so she obviously prefers me laying on my right side !
    MrsW 31+4
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