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folic acid..keep forgetting!!

hi im a bot worried. i am 11 weeks preg and have been taking folic acid prescribed by doc since about 5 weeks preg but htere have been at least 5 days not in a row) where i have completely forgetton to take it. is this realy bad? i do eat rice crispies and i believe these have it? on one hand i think surely itd be fine to miss it sometimes but on the other hand why do they stress you have to take one pill a day if it wasnt important. please help!! this is my second baby, with my first i took it religiously but i guess i just busier with my first child and forget!


  • im not sure if its really important 2 take it but i havnt taken mine for bout 4 days coz i av got a really bad memory uve jus reminded me so im gonna take it now im 9 weeks sorry ant bin much help x
  • I used to forget all the time too, never was any good at taking the pill either, thats why I chose the contraceptive injection until I was ready for kids. Dont worry girls, im sure it wont make much difference missing a few.

  • i never took folic acid coz i didnt find out i was pregnant til it was 2 late the n i missed my big scan so i was worried bout the health of the baby right till the end but shes 6 wks old now and perfect so i wudnt worry!
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