bl**dy midwife!

you may have seen my post titled 'lack of movement'.

well, I called my surgery at 9.30 this morning and was told that my MW was busy and she would call me before 3pm today.

well, no call came and now the surgery is closed for lunch until 2pm!!!!

The midwife finishes her shift before 3pm and after that she is unobtainable until she returns to the surgery next Tuesday.

no wonder people go private!!!!!


  • do you have an emergency no for midwives?

    I can call my midwife only between 9-10 outside of that I have a mobile number for emergencys which is always manned by the duty midwife.

  • no, they wont give me a number as 'they are not allowed to give it out'. my surgery doesnt have a duty midwife and so I can only contact the midwife on tuesdays and thursdays
  • There should be an out of hours midwife you can contact, the number should be in your notes - if you get no joy there i'd phone your local hospital and ask to be put through to the antenatal ward where you can speak to a midwife about your concerns and who may suggest you pop in to be checked! The level of service you seem to getting is simply just not on. Good Luck
    Jo xx
  • I have a number for the community midwife section at my hospital on my green notes at the front along with the labour ward tel number.

    I would try ringing your hospital and ask to be put through to a midwife am sure they would only be to happy to help. Mine have been super when I have called up

    Take care and hope you get to speak to someone soon

    Take care xx

  • I have three groups of midwives that I can in my GP's office, The ones I go to for my checkups and my chosen hospital has a number you can call there.

    Do some digging I am sure you will find someone you can speak to

    good luck


    Kittyboo 18+4
  • i'd agree try the hospital- i had to do this with my son and they were lovely. told me that is what they are there for. x
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