Hi girls

When I first started to use the Doppler I would put it on once place and then we would find her and just stay there and we could still hear her.

Now I am 17+1 I find her but then I can't hear anything and then i moved it and find her again and then i can't hear anything again.

Do you think she would be moving that much??

K xx


  • Yes hun mine does that all the time, i find it really quickly like boom boom boom, then i hear a thud (obviously moving) and then it goes quiet, so i move it across slightly to a different side or position and find it again then same thud again haha and off he/she goes, i find that i dont need to press down anymore now though and can hear it really loud xx
  • hi yea they swim about like little fish! still now i get Laceys hb and then she'll move and do dont worry it all normal x

  • LOL how funny I thought as I was still early on she would not be swimming around so much but I guess i am wrong?

    Thanks girls.

    K xx
  • its funny isnt it though? makes me laugh, its like a little cheeky monkey saying get that doppler outta my way! lol
  • I know it was making me laugh last night. I found her right away and it was so clear and loud and then bang she was off and I was chasing her all around my belly LOL

    K xx
  • LOL I wish i could feel it everytime i know she is moving, it must just be the big movements ans stretches that we can feel at the moment xx
  • i have just wrote SHE omg lol hmmmm is it a sign x
  • I was having trouble finding it, but on 2 occasions have found the gallopng horse sound of the heartbeat, I can't always find it though.

  • Apparently babies start to move at about 8 weeks ...
  • It's just mad i mean I knew she was moving as the lady who did my 16 weeks scan said she was reallt active but i never knew that would be like me having to move the Doppler about so much. I though they just moved about in the sac so the sac would stay in one place due you see what I mean?

    K xx
  • Yes hun mine does that too


  • that sounds normal to me, im sure they move alot more than we can feel.

    Can I ask a question about the doppler? Im really tempted to get one now as so many posts on them - can you just hear on headphones on does it have a speaker like the midwfie?
  • yep I often chase my little girl around my tummy image
    sometimes I dont have to so now asume shes asleep when that happens xx
  • Our little babies will be moving now more than they ever will because they have so much room in there.

    I often have to chase her around its funny that you can hear her kicking

    AnneMarie xx
    18 weeks
  • The anglesounds doppler has headphones but also you can plug it into pc, not tried this yet.


  • I love it now as it shows me how active she is, that just makes it feel all that more real you know.

    Mrs Dickson - You can just hear on the head phones but it comes with a wire so you can record it on to your PC or laptop and then you can hear it loud image

  • Hi K-Lou. Mine is the same and I'm only 12 weeks. I literally chase it around with the doppler! Sometimes I'm shocked at how far across it can go!! I assumed it would mostly be in the middle!


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  • K-lou what does your little girls heartbeat sound like? Ive heard the theory that galloping horses is a girl and fast train is a boy, just wondering if thats true in your case? Mine is definitely like a train and I really think its a boy!!

    Lisa xxx
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