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started buying formula milk and storing it already!!!



  • Hi,
    Just a bit of advice from a new mummy! I would be careful how much stuff you stock up on as when your lo arrives you may find the item doesn't meet your or their needs. For example I had a few samples of different nappies (Pampers, Huggies etc) and very quickly found that Huggies were rubbish on my little boy as they leaked all the time. Think it depends on your babies shape and size as to what will suit them best, most of us mums on the Dec mums forum agree that Tescos are pretty fab and cost less then the bigger brands. Akso some wipes are really wet and therefore make you lo cold during nappy changes which does not make a happy baby!
    I also agree about not stocking up too much on the formula as it may have a bad reaction with your lo (not liking it or giving them lots of wind!).

    I would stock up on basics for the first few weeks so you aren't stuck but then once you are home with your lo and in a routine you will soon get a better idea of what you need.

    I think a better idea if you want to 'stock up' in some way is to put some money to one side every week for nappies etc so you have extra cash for when the baby is born.

    Good things I found to stock up on though are - muslin cloths, cotton wool balls and basic baby gros and vests!

    Good luck with it all and enjoy it, you lo will be here before you know it!

    Liz x
  • hi i also wouldn't stock up to much on formula. my lo had sma once a day while i was breastfeeding but once i stopped and put her on it full time it caused very bad wind so i ended up chaging to c and g comfort. also with nappies some fit better than others. i found huggies leaked but i love tesco nappies much better and cheaper. wipes i prefer huggies as fine the others to wet x
  • I had a friend who used SMA and the baby got constipated. The Dr said maybe the milk was too rich for him and to change. She changed the milk and the problem stopped. So I think it isn't a good idea to buy milk in advance. I agree with other reader. Why not put the money in a tin or set up a bank account then you can buy it as you need it.
    Also I must admit I am a bit superstitious and don't want to buy hardly anything. With my first baby I only bought enough clothes for the hospital and all the equipment I left in the shop until the baby was born and then my husband went to collect it. I am glad I didn't buy much because I got so many presents I had clothes coming out of my ears. This baby will be the first girl out all of my husbands cousins (and he's got loads) so I will probably get a wardrobe full of clothes. I have bought 3 sleep suits and 7 vests and that will be it. I only bought them now because they had 60% off in M&S.
  • just had to say summit - i'd stocked up on cow & gate milk and pampers nappies n wipes but my friend due same week as me has stocked up on sma gold and huggies nappies and wipes

    once the babies arrived my firend found sma made her little girl constipated, she leeked out of the huggies nappies and huggies wipes kept giving her sore bum i had my little boy and he coldnt get on with cow n gate and the pampers nappies stuck kept sticking to his bum so we swapped everthing over but if i hadnt got a new mum friend i'd have lost out big time having to go out and buy yet more bits. Worse bit was i would have had to of thrown away opened pks of nappies, wipes and formula!

    if your going to stock up - get a selection of all makes of formula, wipes, nappies, bath products to see how you little one finds each different makes then you can take it from there!
  • and you needed worry about running out and not being able to get out! home delivery from tesco's............. its great idea and never have to worry about timing shopping with feeds - i get all my baby bits delivered in with a regular household shop.
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