worried - overweight & pregnant

i've just found out i'm pregnant and am probably about 6/7 weeks now, the thing is this has come as a bit of a surprise and i'm worried now as i'm about 3/4 stone overweight and wonder if this is harmful to the baby. am now on strict healthy eating regime but wondered if anyone else has this problem x


  • I was about to type a similar post about weight. When I fell pregnant in sept I weighed 11st however im 15wks now and ive shot up to 12st already. The reason why is ive done nuffin but eat s**t. So I thought id be good and try and join weight watchers NOT TO DIET but to improve my eating habits and the sorts of foods that im eating. However went along to my local group and I was flatly refused which im really upset about now, because although I dnt think its a big issue I think carrying a few extra pounds does make pregnancy that bit harder. I explained to the women i dnt want to diet and lose weight necessarily just want some extra motivation to eat right for my baby. Sorry if this is not much help "spec" just thought I would rant. I wouldn't worry about carrying extra weight I'm only 5ft 1 so should weigh something like 9st, and my first pregnancy was fine and this one so far has been. I just think been that little bit lighter avoids unnecessary complications. Good luck Kerry xxx

  • thanks kerry, i was actually considering going to weight watchers to see if they could help but don't think i'll bother now!! will just have to try and cut out the rubbish - which is definitely easier said than done!!! Am trying to do a bit of exercise each day as well (just walking and swimming) so hopefully that will help.
  • I've heard that slimming world is happy to take pregnant women, have you tried them??? Also weight watchers do an online club now so you could join that and just not tell them! I've given up now having put on 3 stone and I'm only 28 weeks - I'm just going to have to try extra hard when the baby comes! xxx
  • Excercise is a good idea "spec" I should really do that but Im struggling with my asthma at the min and im very breathless even from talking. Good luck to all mothers trying to lose weight afterwards coz that is the hard bit, ha ha ha, Id only just lost the weight from my 16mnth old wen I fell pregnant again, i think im a gluten for punishment ha ha ha Kerry xxx

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