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My friend told me off yesterday for not washing my fruit and veg whilst preparing them for tea. Personally ive never washed them before I eat them but ive been told that it is extra important now. Does everyone else wash their fruit and veg before eating it? xx


  • I know you're suppsed to while pregnant to reduce risk of infection etc, but.... I don't. I think you're even supposed to wash prepared salad etc.
    I've never done it before and never had any problems so I've not bothered starting now. Mind you, if everyone else on here says they wash their fruit etc it'll make me feel guilty and I might start doing it. Maybe ...... S x
  • We get most of our fruit from an Organic box scheme so I do wash it as it tends to come still covered in soil! I don't bother washing veg though.
  • I think it's more about getting rid of sprayed pesticides etc. I'm less inclined to wash organic salad very much.
  • I wash it at times, but not all the time.
    I had some stawberries the other day and sat at work washing them as I was eating them, but then sometimes im lazy and ill just eat the fruit without washing it.
    To be honest its not something ive started whilst being pregnant though, its always depended on how lazy im feeling;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I wash things like apples but not salad. Washed salad is disgusting and soggy, and I don't eat it enough to have one of those salad spinner things! xxx

  • It's OK if you buy packaged fruit & veg (we do). I agree though I wouldnt put the loose stuff in my mouth without washing it!

  • I always wash my fruit and veg before eating it... the thought of not washing it makes me feel sick! yuck!

    the reason they say you should wash it during pregnancy is because there's a risk you could get toxoplasmosis from unwashed fruit and veg!

  • er no i don think i've ever washed my fruit and veg unless its still had mud on, i get my f&v from a market stall so sometimes have to wash the potatoes but i've not been told that i should be.......oops, don't really think i'm going to start though well unless its really important

  • I agree with Zoey, it's very important to wash all fruit and veg to get rid of germs and prevent baby getting toxoplasmosis as this can cause birth defects!

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