Need some names for girls PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone im 30+3 and having another little girl ive got an 18month old already her name is Ashleigh Jade Ann Bradley but i need to find a name for the new one and cant find one that everyone likes i quite like Teigan Sophie Louise Bradley as i think ot goes an then she will be named after me my best friend too but my mum doesnt like Teigan at all an my partner isnt that keen none of us can think of any more an im scared im not going to have a name for her HEEELLLLPP Please Sophie 30+3 xx :roll:


  • Hi there its such a nightmare. If its a girl we've picked Alicia Teigans a lovely name but its upto u and ur partner xx
  • hiya! my little girl is called tegan, was my name choice as my oh didnt like at first but it soon grew on him and he loves it. when we told oh's gran she said "well i suppose you will get use to it eventually" hehe when we told ppl what we were guna call her they didnt seem to keen, but they are fine with it now and alot of ppl comment on how nice her name is! our other name choice was olivia and gracie xx
  • Thanks for that nothing jumping out at me that i really love like them all tho i do like Mackenzie had that in mind when i was pregnant with my last daughter but chose ashleigh since then about 3 of my friends have used it for their sons an daughters so have to decide differently so not to be the same thanks anyway xx
  • Hi there, we like Dakota, Courtney, Arizona, Kiri and Syesha/Kyesha at the moment for girls!
  • Hi there

    We had these possibilities:

    Not that me and OH agreed on many of them but we ended up having a boy anyway.

    Don't discuss name choices with friends and family is my advice - someone will always have something negative to say and it will invariably put you off.
    If people start talking about it then either be very vague or tell them you've chosen something 'safe' - when baby arrives you can always say it didn't suit her and you went with X/Tegan instead!
  • I like Alyssa or Lola for a girl, did like the traditional rebecca and chloe but these were nicked by family members.
    Had a boy last time and never had any of those, so was last minute thing.Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Filo x
  • hi heres some


  • Hi there! my 2 daughters are called Trinity Ellie and Holly May.
    I also like,
  • my baby girl will be kayla jade.
  • Hi,

    I like Kira, Alice, Sophie, Charlotte, Faith, and Tia.

  • I just love the name Isla at the minute! DH is keen on Eva or Evie but he likes Isla too. My friends little girl is Kayla, lovely name too

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