what to buy?

is there a list on line anywhere of things you buy? i want to try and get everything before baby born, for up to them being 6 mths.


  • Have you tried mothercare website. they have a list of hospital stuff, baby stuff etc. but bare in mind that you'll probably get half the stuff you need from friends and family too!! xxx

  • If you did that you would have no room in your house!!!


    Loads of bibs!
    Bottles 4oz & 9oz
    Dummies (optional) I have bought at leat 20 & he is only 10mths, he tends to throw them away!!!


    Cot sheets & blankets

    Nappies, but i bought too many newborn, size 1 & 2. So dont go overboard.


    Cotton wool

    Bepanthen (nappy rash cream)

    Teething powders (hundreds..lol)

    Moses basket, sheets & blanket (optional) My lo didnt really like his moses basket, he went in the cot.


    Ill get back to you in a min...


  • Toys r us catalogue have a good list of hospital & labour stuff too!!!
  • Socks

    Babygro's (loads all ages!)



    Theres loads of stuff you need for up to 6mths. The list is endless...

    Tess x
  • the back of the mothercare catalogue and i'm pretty sure that there's lists in the bounty pack you pick up the voucher by 12 weeks from doctor or hospital then pick a pack of goodies up from george at asda or boots.

    But you'll not need everything you should really think about what you'll definatly need and if you find you need something later then thats okay it'll save you money that way.

    we found that we bought the big things and grandparents wanted to choose and pay for some things but we didn't get to buy any of the fun things like cute little outfits or toys that job was taken over by friends and family but mainly by my mum!

    I want to get a few cute outfits but probably won't as we don't know if its a girl or boy and when we find out im sure there'll be so many presents again that i won't want to waste the money!

    good luck i'm missing getting to do the shopping part this time round!
  • I searched high and low for a list but had to create my own.

    I started buying early on and im 27 weeks today and have nearly everything in.

    So far i have:

    For Baby:

    32 Bibs
    6 Burping Cloths
    40 Vests (variety of sizes)
    12 Sleepsuits
    10 Full Outfits (including accessories etc)
    4 Cardigans
    6 Pair Bootees
    2 Pair Shoes
    10 Pairs Socks
    5 Pairs Scratch Mitts
    8 Blankets
    Crib Bale
    Soft Toys
    3 Fitted Sheets
    4 Hooded Towels
    Flannels, Bath Sponges, Mitts
    Baby Bath
    Top n Tail Bowl
    Baby Monitors
    6 Anti Colic Bottles
    Breast Pump
    Baby Box (Full with lots of talc, lotion, oil, cotton buds and sudacrem)
    Change Bag
    Change Mat
    2 Packs disposable change mats
    7 packs nappies
    9 packs wipes
    Car Seat
    Rain Cover
    Cosy Toes
    Baby Bouncer/Rocker
    Gliding Crib
    Crib Mattress
    Dummy Clips

    For me:

    Maternity Pads
    Disposable Pants
    2 pairs PJS (vest top for breastfeeding)
    Miniature Toiletries
    Big Linen Pants (Black shorts type to avoid embarrassment of leakages)
    Breast Pads

    To get:

    Maternity Bag
    Crib Mobile
    Baby on board Sign
    Car Seat Rain Cover
    Ear Thermometer
    Room Thermometer
    Baby Sleeping Bag

    If you can think of anything else let me know image

  • back of the babies r us catalogue has a list.
    i found the mothercare clothing list pretty handy: http://www.mothercare.com/gp/browse.html/ref=sc_fe_l_1_0_42942041_3/203-3786830-3483928?ie=UTF8&node=63191031&no=42942041&me=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&mcb=core
    tbh half the stuff on the lists you don't need! i was on a tight budget with my lo and all i bought was: pushchair, cotbed and sheets, nappies, change mat, wipes, pack of 7 short sleeve bodysuits, 6 sleepsuits, 2 hats, pramsuit, pack of muslins, 6 mothercare microwave steriliser bottles, car seat.
    i got given sooo much when lo was born that i was quite glad i hadn't got more!
    but i know i would've got more if i had the money/inclination so i can see why you want to be so ready!
    what i would say is only pre-wash the essentials, a few sleepsuits and a few bodysuits before baby arrives, then do a few more as you go and leave the tags on as you go. same with gifts. cos then you can take back / exchange what you don't use.
    hope that helps.
    susie xxx
  • I started early cos im on my own now and didnt wanna find myself struggling to afford all that il need on one wage and when i finished work.

    My mum has been ace and even bought my pram and picks up bits n bobs whenever shes out.

    LOs dad is an arse and i wouldnt expect anything off him so im quite proud of myself for getting so far alone.

  • melissa you should be VERY proud of yourself!! i don't know what i'd have done without my oh in my pregnancy, without him my lo would proly still be naked lol. weirdly i've always been a bit of a tomboy and hated anything to do with shopping (yes even for baby!) so it was him trying to drag me to shops and saying susie this baby's gonna need something to wear... lol.
    tbh although i got by with what we had, a bit more would've made it a LOT easier. so i think i'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and visit some more shops this time round!
    susie xxx
  • I love shopping for LO.

    Even moreso since i found out its a little girl so everything is pink and frilly.

    I bought a bright red travel system and change bag and just bought a new car in the same colour, back with my parents for a year to save a deposit for a mortgage. (Was private renting previously but dont wanna waste money with lo on the way)

    Cant wait to be able to get my own house and give her the proper home she deserves but at least i know in the meantime she'l have a loving family environment to spend her first year or so in, my mum dotes on her already and shes not even been born yet lol! xxxx
  • In the pack that the health visitor bought around when i was 36 weeks there were a bath and room thermometer included. saves on buying themimage
  • how much is the average spend on all the baby stuff?
  • Depends on how you go about it though.... we've got stuff thats second hand so obviously havent spent that much. Our cot and pram system are new and thats just under ??500 for both, thats the most we've spent so far.
    Why bother with a bath thermonter though? whats wrong with your elbow?!
  • According to this http://www.babyworld.co.uk/information/newparents/rising_costs.asp the minimum for newborn essentials is ??474 (there are some good money saving tips there as well) but you can spend as much as you want over that. Personally, we had an expensive pushchair (although my mum and dad bought that) and top of the range car seat but we bought cheap furniture and I still only ever buy vests from ASDA or Tesco. I wouldn't buy many outfits to start with either, you'll be amazed how much stuff you get given and alot of people buy bigger sizes as they know you will be given loads of small stuff. Millie is 21 months now and is still wearing some stuff she was given as a newborn!
  • bloody expensive!!
    if money's tight, try and see if there's an nct nearly new sale near you, you can get loads of bargains in great condition there. also there are quite often bundles of baby clothes on ebay with everything you need for certain ages, eg 0-3mths, 3-6 mths. obv depends when the lo was born regarding suitability for the weather tho. quite a few people of here have put things on recently - have a scroll through baby/best buy forums for posts about it.
    melissa - wow matching car and travel system!! you're making me jealous lol! that's great for your daughter to be born into a kind-of family atmosphere, i bet your mum's well excited. and you should get a bit of time off when you need it too!
    susie xxx
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