whats sleep?

just wondered if anyone else couldnt sleep,am just over 6 weeks and cant sleep.i went to bed at 12.45pm and got up again at 4.45 am ,thats 4 hours and thats it i was wide awake.anybody else got this.im sooooooooooooooooooo tired x


  • Not got that but know what you mean about sleep deprivation, i am 24 weeks and am really finding sleeping difficult to, my hips are so sore they wake me up! I look dreadful!
  • I know exactly how you feel hunni. Without a doubt, every night you can guarantee that at 4.46am I will wake up - don't ask me why, but its this time every night. I find that if I take a warm bath it helps, or and I know it sounds silly, when I go back to sleep, sometimes I use a sleeping bag and I can sleep better - don't ask why or how I know lol xxxx


  • Hi

    I can sympathise with you all. I'm 25 weeks and suffer from pelvic girdle. My hips and lower back are so sore all the time I just cannot get comfortable. If I do eventually fall to sleep, I wake up a trillion times needing the toilet. The baby is also so active at night that prevents me from sleeping. My mum keeps telling me its my bodies way of preparing me for sleepless nights when the baby arrives!!!!!!
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