I havent felt my baby move :(

Im 21 weeks on monday and i havent felt him move. Im worrying so much.

I bought a doppler and have heard the heartbeat ( i think, what if its mine )

I dont know what to do?


  • Hiya,
    Is this ur 1st? Cos often 1st time mums don't feel lo move until as late as 24 weeks.
    The baby's heartbeat is really fast, i think my mw said it's bout double the speed of urs so u shud def b able to tel the difference
  • I didn't feel mine move until I was about 24 weeks. Don't know what your build is like but if you're a bit curvy, there is more padding so it can take longer to feel! Also, if your baby is lay facing your back then he'd kick you in places other than your tummy that you would not feel.
    If you are really concerned, ask your midwife to check the heartbeat again, it will make you more relaxed. As for the doppler, I had one of those and for a good few weeks the 'heartbeat' that I was listening to was actually the noise of the placenta!!
  • if its you first you might not feel it till 22-24 weeks and sometime you might feel it but don't know till it starts kicking harder. it is so gental you can just mistake it for butterflies. don't worry you can here its heart beat. haven't you just had a scan?
  • make an appointment with ur midwife and all will be revealed,
    gud luk honeyimage
  • drink orange juice......eat ice cream.......lie down in a quiet room.... all these can help.....make an apt with ur doc/midwife so you do not worry
  • drink orange juice......eat ice cream.......lie down in a quiet room.... all these can help.....make an apt with ur doc/midwife so you do not worry

    this explains why i felt it a 13 + 3 i couldn't stop eating ice cream and drinking orange juice. just some advice don't eat ice cream off a ice cream van. if they don't clean the machine daily it can harm your baby.

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  • Thank you all for your responses. really kind of you.

    Well the doppler machine is picking up what sounds like galloping horses so i think it is the babies.

    I had a scan last week and everything was ok but i worry if something can go wrong every day!

    I will def try all those things. Thank you all xx
  • its worth the wait. i never sleep for a week becuase every time i went to be it would start moving and i didn't want to miss a movement. let use know when it starts.
  • Hiya!

    I have just read a story following a woman through her 9 months pregnancy. At 21 weeks she still hadn't felt the baby move and the sonographer told her that the placenta is at the front of her uterus, cushioning the babys movement!

    Hope this helps

    Clare xx
  • hiya babe, i just wanted to say that for the doppler your heart beat can be slightly slower than the babys so that might help you find the babys easier if you cant tell the difference trust me i couldnt at first. it took my like three hours to be satisifed i had found my little boys heart beat and not mine. i found it by going very low under my belly and eventuallty found a weird fish sucking noise that the midwife confirmed later was def the baby. weird eh? anyway, as for the movement dont worry, like clare said sometimes you cant as the placenta cushins the baby which is good when you think about it, your little baby lying against a big soft cushion lol. my step mum said she didnt feel her little one until she was nearly 30weeks even though baby was completely fine she just didnt feel it, then suddenly one day she felt a massive kick. so babe it goes both ways. imagine how comfy your little one is eh?
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