So expensive?!?!

Am i the only one that thinks ??400/500 on a pram is alot of money!!? Ive seen a few posts on here about prams being that price and i was quite shocked they could be so expensive! This is my first so didnt really know much about the price of things. Hope no one thinks im a scrooge but thats alot of money for a pram! Ive seen one in Argos i like for ??150!!! Please say im not on my own! lol


  • Thank god im not on my own! My jaw quite literally dropped when i seen that lol. I neither would ever spend that much on a pram! xx
  • im the same only wanna pay about 200 quid for mine and some are so expensive i have found one in babies are us for 200 quid that i have fell in love with but im only 13 weeks so think it a bit early to buy but you get everything with it apart from car seat and its lovely sorry too go on i just love it lol

  • i agree, my mum is buying mine and we'd seen one for ??250 which i thought was v expensive. i only v early on yet so going to keep shopping around for something probably a bit cheaper. x
  • Nope you arent the only one!! We bought one from Mothercare that cost ??120 (we also got discount because we opened a storecard) and came with a car seat as well. Cole is now 3 weeks old and we've used both pram and car seat a few times and both are just fine. The pram had all the things we wanted - rain cover, change bag, light and easy to manouvre, right height for both of us, foot muff that zips entirely apart so you can still use the bottom as an extra cushion. The latest colour one is on the mothercare website if you are interested - its the Atlan mothercare brand one
  • your not alone i've been cringing looking at prices and thinking maybe i was a skinflint but i'm glad i'm not alone. i brought my sisters off her 12 yrs ago in preparation for my lo but it took me 12 yrs to decide to get pregnant lol always wanted to be a mom since i was lil but i knew i didn't have the patience or the confidence in myself.
  • zoey we are happy with it... and the price image The mothercare storecard/nursery plan is really good - we bought the pram when I was umm maybe 18-20 weeks pregnant and they kept it until December when I was due and delivered it - you can pick when you want stuff delivered and if you change your mind about it before its delivered, or even after (so long as it stays in the packaging) you can exchange it no problem.

    Only problem is that it doesn't stand up on its own when folded up - need to lean it against a wall or something but as it gets put away in our understairs cupboard its not really a problem for us! Actually...its probably ok on its side, just wont fit on its side in teh cupboard
  • i got 1 from argos for 150 its gawgus image wudnt spend that much on a pram
  • hi. i would never spend that much either. it is a big chunk of the budget. and i have got friends that have bought a pram for 400 and have only used it for 3 months then gone on to a smaller stroller as the pram was too bulky. such a waste of money. and you can never get back what you paid for it when you sell it. i got my mamas and papas off ebay it's like new hardly used for 50 quid with everything it was only 4 months old. again they sold it for a smaller model. but i got a bargain.
    it's a bid purchase the pram is and needs to be thought about carefully.xxxx
  • Some of these prams/buggies are built like bloody range rovers with just as many gadgets! All this health and safety stuff is bollocks (pardon my language) but my mum pushed me around in a really old fashioned pram and I lived to tell the tale lol. All I want is something to put my baby in that has wheels image perhaps strap him/her to a skate board and pull it along (only joking of course).

    all I want a pram/buggy where bubby faces me as I don't think it is very nice having them face away from you, or perhaps i'm just odd lol. But i don't understand how they can justify them being so expensive.

    Phewwwww sorry about that rant, I think prams might hit a nerve with me.

  • the one i brought off my sister cost me ??80 and is reversable and can lie flat image can't buy them that easy these days! It's been sat in my mom's attic and although a lil dusty (washed it now) its in immaculate condition (i broke a little bit of plastic off) she didn't like it cos in them days they had to collapse it to get on the bus and was bulky image these days i can take baby in pushchair on bus without removing bubba from it image hahaha who got the last laugh now imageimageimageimage navy blue with green tartan piping image rain cover and basket at bottom.
  • Yeah, I think it is ridiculous too. We bought ours a couple of weeks ago and it was ??119, it is with the car seat and everything and is so light and easy to use (we tried it out!) I wanted one with a carrycot but they are ridiculously expensive, considering the baby's only in it for 3 months! Not worth it really, especially as I'm having a spring baby. x
  • hi we got our pram a couple weeks ago and it only cost ??200 and does everything, and even has a car seat and carry cot, i have given the dont need to spend more than about ??200 to get a good pram, there is too much other stuff to buy and unless you have loads of money to spare, or are into certain brands and names then id not spend much more than ??200.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • paying 400 for a pram you would have to be either rich or mad. Well ok if i had it i but still like you i found one on a website that was 149.99 travel system and it amazing. its a brand name, folds smal but come with car seat, well everything you need for your first outing.

    I really like **Jeep Shopper 6 Travel System and Accessories. ??149.99 from argos this is the one i have set my heart on so far but i also have Graco Mirage Travel System. from argos at ??119.55 . I really like them they are convienient and easy on the budget. they have everything i need.
  • Hiya Gachette, the jeep one is the one im getting image x
  • My mum and dad are buying the pram and they are both retired so I don't like to get an expensive one! I said I'd like to go halves with them but they won't have it! I need one that's small enough to fit in the boot of my car so that's a real pain. Oh and I'm putting my teacher hat on now to say it's best to have the baby facing you in a pushchair or pram because it gets to see you talking and is good for the baby's development!!

  • I must be a real cheapskate lol! I got a brill Mamas and Papas one from a car boot sale for ??30.00!!!!
  • With my first especially and even now, I will refuse to spend that amount on a pushchair! I apid ??120 in the sales for my single pushchair which included car seat! Plus mine have all gone into stollers at 6 months so felt it was never worth me spending too much on first pushchair.

  • Hi i got the mothercare trenton deluxe my mum bought me it and its fab it comes eith the attachable carry coy so it faces you like a pram and they can lie flat when first born, also comes with the car seat and all accessories its the mocha one and i got it for ??250 and wouldnt really spend anymore than that.W ith my first i got a travel system from mothercare when they first came out and got good use from it and got that for ??120 but with buying accessories it cost ??200 which i think is reasonable. This time round im going to have to buy a double buggy.
    vikki xx
  • Hi, I got the Jeep one from argos for my ds when he was born back in June and have found it quite good to get on with. At the time i was reluctant to spend too much and choose that one as it has everything with it at such a good price, but in the end i didnt have to buy it as my oh gran got it for us. This time around ive got to buy a double buggie so will be looking at the best offers on those in the next few months
  • Hi, I think it's ridiculous to spend that much on a pram u could buy so much other stuff for the baby with that extra money spent on a pram which isn't gonna be used on that much! I'm either gonna have my sisters old one or i've seen a couple of reasonably priced ones on the mother care website and then i can spend the extra money i save on other stuff that my baby wil need
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