oh god oh god oh god....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am 39 (40 in June) and mum to 5 kids. One DD nearly 18, 3 boys aged 15, 4 and 3. Lastly Amelia born feb 08 > I had a traumatic time with her as had placenta previa and was rushed to hosp with a serious bleed. An emerg c section took place and I was sterilised at the same time!!!

Anyway, I am in a bit of a state. I have that awful taste in my mouth...bloody metallic! its making me feel sickly. I also have the runs ( I always get this in early preg) and I am exhausted,,,,

I am still BF Amelia but my boobs do feel sore (she is biting now she has teeth)

I have been having really heavy periods for about 8 months. I last had on on 30th Dec. This was heavy and painful. We had sex a few times ..the last time about 9 days ago which was prob when I O/V

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I cannot be.... I just cant.

I could not handle it emotionally, financially nor physically. I just cant be can i...????

Sorry to anyone who is desperate for a baby I can only imagine what you are going through. I just know I cant have another and i have done the most I can to stop it happening. My OH had chemeo for testicular cancer years ago when we only had 2 kids. 10 years later we go on to have 3 more even tho they say his fertility was effected by the chemeo. I have got preg when on the pill, cap, condom etc..

Please tell me what you think. i could test but I am scared... really really scared!!!!!!!!!!!

d xx


  • i would say test, that way you will know for sure, you might be worrying yourself over nothing, maybe you have just got a bug coming on

  • i agree,you wont relax until you know. x
  • in my head I know I cant be.....BUT ..the symptons I am having are things that i get when preg!!! wonder what this taste could be other than preg...have had it for 3 to 4 days
  • hi hun, didn't wanna r&r! the only advice i can give you is to test. i know that sterilisation doesn't always work and as you you say ur hubbys chemo hasn't affected his fertility. I would just test and hope you get the outcome that ur after. you could have the starts of a viral infection which is why your feeling so rough. fingers crossed hun, sorry i've not been much help, let us know how you get on xxxx
  • think will go and get test.... 22 days into cycle is bit early tho
  • Good luck dee dee, fingers crossed you get the answer you want x
  • why cant you be? if you are using bf as only contraception you very well could be esp as you got pg on pill etc! you obv very fertile! only way to know is to test. i totally feel for you i have a 5 week old baby my 2nd and am bf but would not dare have unprotected sex lol as i dont want another baby esp not yet! test hun if you have symptoms it should show up xx
  • You definitely have to test, it's the only way you'll know. Unfortunatley it is quite early in the cycle so you may get a false negative. Try the First Response 6 Day Early test.

    BTW, Hayleys1, dee dee is not using bf as contraception, after her last lo she was sterilised, but she is worried in case it was not successful.

    Good luck hun. You will cope no matter what the outcome.
  • Hi babe,
    I dont want to worry you but a friend of the family had her tubes tied after a c-section and fell pregnant 10 months later. her surgeon said that the clips that they used had obviously slipped due to the swollen tubes reducing in size(as her body got back to normal after birth etc).
    So yes I would test or at least see your gp to check on things to see if you are ok and of course for your piece of mind too.
    I wish you the best of luck xxxxxxxx
  • Yes Moomin your totally right. I was sterilised. I was cut and the tubes were stitched and clipped JUST TO MAKE SURE!!!! The consultant was quite thorough as he knows I do not want any more. Also, the health implications after having placenta previa and a early birth.

    I have calmed down a bit and done a bit of googling. this metallic taste can mean lots of things. My oldest DD has acute phlarangitis which is like a sore throat. maybe I am getting that and thats why I am tired etc..????

    Oh well, fingers crossed. I will not be POAS for a while BUT will let you know when I do.
    thanks so much for advice...

    d xx
  • Good luck hun hope you get the answer youre looking for



  • go get a test hun put ur mind at rest otherwise it will drive u nutty let us no how u get on xx
  • oh no babs 3....just read yours...YIKES!!!!!

    I will get test if things dont calm down.

    Got cramp in my leg too today while bathing the 3 little ones... unusual and something i get but usually in late pregnancy.

    I am scared as I know my consultant would want me to terminate and |I know I would be a mental mess. Its not so much I am totally against it but its not for me. However, how could I put my other 5 kids under the hardship of me on bed rest and probably in a white strait jacket.
    I am jumping waaaaayyy ahead I know.
    IF it was positive you would find me rocking in a corner somewhere!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Thanks again for all your replies....

    I came on this morning...PHEW!!! Feel so silly now.

    d xxx
  • glad you got the outcome you were hoping for hun.

    Take care
    Lisa xxx
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