my god just got back from A&E

started to feel quite worried about one sided pain,spoke to nhs direct who have referred me to a&e,the took bloods urine ect and advised that i will have a scan in few days,but they think im ok.
the idiot doctor took blood from my hand wrong and my hand swelled up like a golf ball,and bloody hurt,so sitting here with ice on it.
then he said it was because i moved my hand,which i bloody didnt,so i told him he did it wrong and should apologise and not blame his patients! idiot. so now i wait for scan.


  • hope he did apologise!!
    hope it gets better later. why did he not take it from your elbow? (if you know what i mean?!!)
  • i hope he did apologise the idiot, doctors can be so rude sometimes.

    hope everything is ok xx
  • ringing the ultrasound dep trying to see when my scan will be. he did apologise,but was very uninterested in me,i was livid
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