Boyfriend doesn't understand Morning Sickness

With my hormones in this state, if he tells me once more that morning sickness is all in my head I think I might scream!!!:evil:
If it was as easy as just convincing yourself not to be sick we'd all be laughing wouldn't we!?
You'd have thought that me throwing up any time, any place, any where in mid conversation would make him realise it's a tad beyond my control!
For example, hanging my head out the car door on the hard shoulder of the M5 is not something I'd actively choose to do, let me tell you!

And I am also sick to the back teeth of my silly tastebuds!!!!
I have gone off tea and coffee but can't get enough chocolate milkshake. But ONLY Yazoo, nothing else will do.
Vegetables and fruit have been replaced by any sour sweets I can lay my hands on.
I've not had Beef paste sandwiches since my 5th birthday party but were my staple diet for the last 2 weeks....... though now I don't want that either!
The only liquid that stays down is ice lollies (though bizarrely only Tesco's - I threw the Asda ones up every time!).
And here i am at nearly 3 am wondering where I can buy a fresh avocado and some custard doughnuts!!

God i hope i can start eating normally soon!!!


  • Hi Trackieann

    Morning Sickness was awful 12 weeks of vomitting (I did the M5 aswell) was the worst time ever. I was beside myself by month 3 lost half a stone and could only eat toast. Water made me throw up instantly so I was never getting the amount of fluids. Midwife was not worried at all at at week 16 it just stopped and I cried with thanks I was so relieved. I put the weight on I lost almost instantly and have energy (not past 9pm though) I'm now blooming with big boobs LOL.

    How many weeks are you?
  • my brother in law is of the same belief - its all psychological!! But he also thought that of PND so he got his head bitten off as I suffered with PND for over a year, the fecking arsewipe. Tell your man to get a life and then chuck up in his car if his silliness continues, lol. TAstebuds are also crazy for me.. I can't get enough of the following: Creamy/cheesy mash, mushy peas, cola ice-pops (but ONLY mr freeze 10p ones) and pure orange mixed with lemonade.
  • I have to admit, i thought the same b4 i had it.

    I used to think ppl played on it but that soon changes when u actually go through it. Its nothing like drinking too much & vomitting because of a drunken state & having a hand over, its much worse!

    The sickness is absolutely terrible & draining to say the least. Also all the other symptoms on top of that. Oh i wouldnt wish the sicknes on my worst enemy!
  • Thanks ladies, you have all made me feel so much better!!
    Still awaiting a dating scan but best guess of 12-14 weeks so fingers crossed that things will ease soon!
    Now, no offence but I am off to throw up before my mum arrives with the custard doughnuts - god love her!!!!
  • Hi Trace, I had the same up to last weekend (16 wks) and then overnight i felt loads better. I still vomit occassionally but its normally from strong cooking smells, which i avoid like the plague. I don't think i'll ever forget my 4 months of hell, but when its all over you feel like a new women i promise!

    I think with most men, unless they can fix the problem, they decide it doesn't exist... my OH didn't downgrad the issue like yours is, he just pretended it wasn't happening. He would expect me to keep up the same life i had pre MS and then moan when i said no! This site is invaluable for keeping you sane!

    Enjoy your custard doughnuts (if you keep them down!) image
  • Hi Trace, I was lucky enough not to really suffer from morning sickness and I haven't really had any cravings, but i know it's not in your head! I have heard that if you put eye drops in his food, it will give him an upset stomach. Try it and then tell him he's imagining it!! (Make sure you won't need to fight him for the toilet first though!!) x x x
  • I had a constant feeling of sickness for the first 16 weeks and then when it stopped - I missed it!!! Don't feel sick anymore (18 weeks) but I seem to have lost my appetite, I'm living on Heinz Minestrone soup and Orange juice ice-lollies! My weight just isn't moving up or down, but now my 'Fat Pants' that i have bought are too big for me!!
  • I recently took a LOA from work because the morning sickness was bad. I needed documentation from an obgyn stating the illness within 2 weeks. Long story short, it took me a month to get my insurance card and ended up losing my job. So, I'll be 14 weeks in 2 days with horrible morning sickness, and now I have no income. Instead of boyfriend being caring and supportive, he says stuff like "I gotta work tomorrow. What do you have to do?" and "One day a week, you need to just suck it up and clean dishes, do laundry, etc." I have so much stress on me with trying to book an obgyn and I clean whenever I have energy. It just gets really depressing when it feels like no one cares or understands. My Mom cares but doesn't understand. She went through 9 pregnancies without a single pain!

  • I totally feel for you! My sickness went on from week 3 and just stopped 2 weeks ago and I'm 24 weeks it's the most awful thing to go through it feels like it's going to go on forever but hopefully yours will get better soon image Men will never understand pregnancy in a million years! I constantly windged at mine and he didn't help lol! I think ginger etc it's just a myth because I tried that and nearly every other blooming thing that's suppose to help! It will just fade on its own but hopefully it will go soon! So good luck and lots of hugs image Xx

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