Caffine and chocolate obsession

Hi Ladies,
I know one of the perks of been pregnant is that u can have weird cravings and freaky obsessions and no-one will bat an eyelid. Its just im getting abit worried about my obsession with caffine. Iv gon from been someone who dint even drink hot drinks (especially coffee), to having between 5-7 cups a day. I dnt always have coffee sumtimes have tea, but im worried drinking this much might have some sort of effect on baby. The other thing is everytime i have a hot drink i have to have something chocolately with it, whether its a choc bar or just a choc biscuit. But if i carry on im gona be the size of a house, iv already put on 1st 3lbs at 25wks. Does anyone have any tips on how to curb/change cravings, and do u think my caffine in take is too much? Advise please ladies. Kerry xxx


  • That's not a horrendouse amount - have you tried de-caff in case its just the flavour you crave?
  • Thats a good idea, i will give it a go. My mum has said its just my bodies way of obtaining sum energy coz i have such a busy life but people have been re-marking on the amount i drink. Kerry xxx

  • sorry can't be much help i have a major obsession with dark chocolate, i've had 2 125g bars in 4 days!!! I can't get enough, it has to be dark though! I have totally gone off tea, i used to drink at least 3 cups a day but know can't even stand the thought of it.

    I did find when i was pregnant with my son that my cravings didn't last very long and as soon as i was over something i couldn't stand the thought of it.....weird!

    sorry not much help, x
  • If it was all coffee then that might be a bit much but if some is tea it should be ok. Like April says, it might be worth trying decaf. I can't sleep if I have caffiene after about 6.00pm so I couldn't live without Yorkshire Tea decaff. As for the choclate I am exactly the same, we have to keep the fridge stocked up and I can't walk past it without having some!
  • The chocolate thing is so strange coz i never really bothered before i was more of a crisp and cheese n crackers type of girl, lol. Pregnancy defo does strange things to u, but this chocolate obsession if defo making me think im aving a girl especially as i never craved this wen i had my son. Kerry xxx

  • I'm obsessed with chocolate too but I don't think it's a craving, because I was like it before I got pregnant too! I haven't put on much weight but my bump is huge so I think my baby will be a mini elephant lol.

    I think it depends what kind of coffee you drink as to whether what you're drinking is too much...If it's filter coffee they say drink 3-4 cups a day but if it's instant then it's fine to drink 6 cups as its not as strong. I would defo try decaff as it doesn't taste any different to me!

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