Can anyone help me?
Early this afternoon I experienced cramp/period type pains in my belly, my belly goes really hard and the cramp lasts about 10mins, Ive been having these every hour since.
Has anyone else had this? What is it?


  • Sounds like nice strong braxton hicks to me hun.............just keep an eye on things, if they get stronger and develop a regular pattern, give ur labour/delivery suite a call and they'll prob get you chk'd out.
  • I've had these from about 20 weeks - they've got more noticeable and more uncomfortable as the bump's got bigger. It's your body preparing itself for labour :\)

  • It sounds like braxton hicks, i started getting these recently and i'm 23 weeks, it is really uncomfortable (never had them with my first). i expect yours will be more intense as your further along but as Mummyx5 says if you find its getting painful and they are regular i would ring the delivery suite and see what they say.

  • Thanks girls
    So this is what braxton hicks feels like, OMG! image
    I never noticed them before, so uncomfortable. Im in for a shock when proper labour pains start then. :lol:
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