i had a fall ;-(

hi girls. i just tried to walk to work (cant get car off drive as its snowed in) so off i go bearing in mind snow is 8-10 inches deep...walking nice and slow and then i slip over onto my back ouch! hurt my shoulder and lower back. it wont harm baby will it? im only 6+1...rang my boss to say i was going to be late for work as id had a fall and went back home to dry my clothes, just rang him again to ask if he needs me to go in today and he said the rest of the staff havnt gone in (onlky about 6 people) because of the snow, so he said for me not to go in unless he calls me later and he will cancel todays patients! (im a dental nurse) so im now back in bed image but have a sore shoulder nd back ;-(

sorry for the moan!

ashy 6+1


  • i'd only worry if you bleed huni. Even then it may not mean the worst. I've had bleedin throughout and had a bad fall, landed on some glass. Bubba is still fine! Six weeks bean is so well protected. I'd try not to worry. image x
  • Bless you hun, I am sure your bean will be protected and like Miss-Jessi said I would only worry if you started to bleed or had really bad pains. Hope you have a nice day snuggled up in bed.
  • Aw Ashy, I'm sure because you're so early on your baby will be so well protected that you have nothing to worry about. I know that won't make you worry any less though! Take it easy today, I'm stuck at home too! x
  • u should be ok i colllapsd wen i was 17 weeks pregnant and i was ok and i fell right onto my bump and she was fine u will be suprised how tuff the little things are i thought id killed her landing on her but she was fine wen they got me to hospital it was me that was battered and bruised lol xx
  • hi hun - sorry you had a fall...I fell at 15 weeks and went to hospital as I worried myself sick!!
    They scanned and all was fine they explained that baby is so deep into your pelvis area that very little can hurt it at that stage...but I would say that if you feel slightly off it at all to get checked - they were more worried about me and my blood pressure etc than the baby! take care xxx
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