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Anyone used a4d at Martlesham,Ipswich?

Hiya Ladies..

I'm thinking about getting a 4d scan there and wondered if anyone has used them and how good they were,ie did they keep flipping to 2d mode constantly and were the images good?


xx xx


  • Hi Danni,

    I haven't used them myself but we did think about it (I work in Martlesham and live in Kirton so it's nice and close!). A couple of the girls I work with have used them and said that they were really good and lovely. One of them went at 28 weeks and, same as Lara, said it was an ideal time to go,

    I am now 31 weeks +6 so am getting a bit past the ideal time so will prob not bother now, but I have had it highly recommended - they said it was an amazing experience.

    Hope this helps!
    Kelly x
  • Thanks Ladies

    Was unsure about them because my friend went to Ips hosp for her 4d scan and tbh i really wasnt very impressed with the dvd she showed me and wanted to get the low down on the martlesham place.Sounds really really good and local,(i live woodbridge way) Thanks .
    xx xx
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