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Has anyone had a planned C-sec at Poole hospital, Dorset?


Im just wondering how many weeks im likely to end up having my planned c-section at? I know many NHS trusts have different policies so taking a stab in the dark to find out if anyone on here has been too poole hospital?


  • i think my friend was booked for 39 weeks coz she had wanted it at 38. she did as well when bubs decided not to wait.
  • i would think not before 38 weeks tbh. they hate even inducing at that hospital if at all possible- i was hospitalised 4 times with breathing problems due to baby being too big for my body and stress and i was refused induction (even tho my respiratory cons asked!) and was given a sweep at 39 weeks with planned induction on due date.
    best thing to do is ask your consultant- they are all really nice, or at least mine was a very nice lady x
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