kidney pains

last pregnancy my little girl was sat on my kidneys making them swell, and now doc has just told me that it is happening again, it is very painful, anyone else suffered with this or no how to ease the pain


  • hiya i haven't had this but i have a problem kidney anyway from previous infections that have left my kidney blocked and scarred and it flairs up from time to time and has been quite twingy throughout this pg. It is really painful so I really feel for you hun. I wish i could tell you a way to get rid of pain but i don't know any, i just find that baths are quite soothing for my back if i'm in pain. maybe deep muscle rubs/creams might help? Def check what is safe for pregnancy first though obviously! I am told just to keep well hydrated and drink/take cranberry.
    Sorry i can't help more - i hope u feel better and look after yourself
  • thanks will try the bath later
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