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Hiya girls.

Well I really need your help - my cousin is due to give birth in a couple of days and I have no idea what to get as a present when the baby comes? She has very very different taste to me and I am really put off by getting clothes? just incase they are all wrong? could pop into NEXT i guess. cant go wrong there can you?

Also - if you were an expectant mama - close to giving birth and it was your birthday? What would you want? My friend is 6 months and her birthday is next wednesday! eeeeek! I have no ideas my brain is all frazzelled (must be my baby using all my brain power) LOL!

Your ideas will be greatly appreciated!



  • For your cousin... why not ask her what she would like? You get loads of clothes and flowers when baby is born, and there maybe something she needs, or will need? Failing that what about something personalised, do you know what she's going to the call the baby yet?
    For your pregnant friend... i would say chocolates (nice expensive ones), or some luxary bath stuff? It was my b'day 3 weeks ago and they were my best presents... oh, and the most lush slippers and huge bunch of flowers delivered to the door from oh.
    Good luck deciding. x
  • there was a brilliant post about this a while back and what we all came up with was a hamper/basket full of practical things you need for when lo comes, everything from baby hairbrushes and nail clippers, infacol, calpol, nappies, soap, food, plates and bowls, dummies, bibs, bonjela, teethers etc etc. all of the things which when added up cost a lot and you cant live without! i think it's a fab idea as they will almost definately all get used where as people often get too much clothing as gifts and LO doesnt get to wear them!
  • Hi hon when my niece was born I did her a picture for the nursery. It had pooh bear on it, her name, time & date of birth and weight. Have actually done this for a few friends and it has always gone down really well. As for your fried what about a beauty voucher so she can have a facial or some similar?
    Tammi xxx
    32.3 weeks
  • For your pregnant friend I would get some nice make up or something. What about a eyeshadow/blusher pallette from Benefit or something. Or a voucher for a spa that does pregnancy treatments. Then she can go out and get pampered for a wee while.
    For your cousin and baby - well, how about something nice that you wouldnet necessarily splsh out on yourself. Like a nice changing mat form Oi OI
    Or some impractical but really cute baby shoes. Suz x
  • hi for your friends birthday what about a voucher for a beauty salon so she could go for manicure or pedicure, im sure she would love some pampering.

    for the baby either ask if there is something they would like or again a voucher for mothercare or next and they can get what they want/need

    becs 25+5wks
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