Panic over - someone plz slap me!!

I went to our Midwife 'drop in' at work and she found bubs' heartbeat straight away so panic over. If i start panicking or getting hysterical again you have my permission to give me slap!!! Okay so now it's time to chill and enjoy this pregnancy. xxx


  • slap slap. LOL
    now try and relax hun. Take care
    Filo x
  • Yey, just glad your both ok, better to put your mind at rest though ey! perhaps you should get a doppler for your own sanity, mine has help on several occasions like that!

    Joanna 31weeks 2days
  • Oh thats so great, I'm really pleased for you! It might be an idea to get a doppler, you can rent the ones the midwife uses but maybe wait a couple of weeks? Otherwise if you cant find it you'll panic!
  • Consider yourself slapped!! Now remember this the next time you go into panic mode ok?!

    Soooo glad you got the reassurance - now as you say, it back and relax. I had a doppler for the very reasons, so with the money you saved from the scan tomorrow, maybe consider buying one - personally I recommend the Angelsounds one with gel - brilliant and I found hb at 9 weeks with this.

    Big fat phew for you hon!

    13 days to go
  • Hey this is going to sound like a really dumb question but what's a doppler and what do they do and where do I get one?! I'm really thick!!!
  • Really pleased to hear all it all went well and you can start to chill a bit!

    I wont slap you - seems like you have already had a bit of a beating lol

    Take care,
    Love Lee
  • Hi Rach

    A doppler is a machine that you can hear the baby's heartbeat through - like a loudspeaker to your womb kind of thing!

    I got mine from ebay - cost around ??30 but it was the best money I spent. I had two previous mmc so it was for reassurance until I could feel lo moving around.

    You're not thick - just new to all this!

  • Ahh okay!

    I work with all guys and I rarely get to read books and so I just haven't had a chance yet to learn anything yet!

    I might get one- is it worth me getting one- i'm 24weeks?!

    Thank you! image
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