help me!

im 4 days overdue and oh is working 2-12 every day until baby comes and im going insane!

im soooooo bored! i stick on a cd and bounce about on ball and do exercises with tins of beans as i decided to try n keep in shape (what a stupid time to start thinking of that i no!) but im soo bored! im just eating and cleaning and eating and cleaning. then i have a hot hot bath with clary sage (which is lovely actually!)
but each day i feel like im in limbo and think, well i could have spent that time pushing baby out!!

HELP!!! ive got an appointment tomorrow with mw and have given up trying to make baby come, im sure he will come when he is ready, and i no he will be here by tuesday. but until then im so up and down........emotionally i mean

what can i do to keep myself busy?
ihave made cookies
cleaned evrything
finished assignments for uni
........... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ok now im going to sound like a geek but do you like playing online games ?
  • i should of added - like cards, puzzles, mind, games fun games etc
  • i went 10 days over so no how u feel, i finished my xmas shopping wrapped presents, organised my hospital bags about 100 times. if ur at uni maybe try making up some revision cards for the topics u've done so far so that ur ready for exams etc (thats also wat i did) xxxxxxxx
  • jemma im doing some online comps as we speak! ooh ic ould play on, used to do that loads!
    lilacjh i dont have any exams! its a work based degree and i dont get my next modules til jan! good idea though!! i suppose i could do some xmas shopping... and treat myself lol
    in the first weeks of my mat leave i spent so much on online shopping i wont do it online anymore lol
  • awww huni your really gagging to have lo now aren't you. aren't you glad your not 24 days over due! thats how long my oh was over! and he was an 11lb baby! dreading giving birth now lol especially as my mom said she was a 10lber.... i was 7lb sommat but hey i don't really count when there are others in the family born bigger!
  • well im sure sure if i can post websites but i will i play on a game site called and its great - helps my days pass when im so bored - and has built in chat too so lots of mommy's on there who are also bored !! xx u do have to sign up but its free hun xx
  • Sorry Holly I don't know what else to suggest! Today we have been and done our grocery shopping, ive ordered my Christmas shop online to get delivered hopefuly the day I get home from hospital, Ive sorted out baby clothes into drawers ect Im not sitting enjoying a cup of tea before I think of something else to do, ohhh thats it Im cleaning the oven and fridge this afternoon. The joys lol Hope you find something to keep you occupied xxx
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