nursery furniture


whare is everyone getting their nursery furniture from? im looking to get a matching set, cot, wardrobe and draws at a reasonable price.

any ideas? image



  • I'm gettin mine from my sis, but b4 i knew i was gettin this i looked in argos and they had some nice sets at a reasonable price, couple of hundred quid i think, this seems to b the cheapest place i've seen. Or try ebay cos often ppl sell brand new stuff on there
  • Hi Kell2 (just replied to your mess about pram)!!
    We bought a Mamas & Papas set..Omni costing ??450 (was originally ??750). In the back of the Mamas & Papas catalogue there's list of stockists...we found 2 near us & they sell M&P things cheaper, some current & some previous years (the set was last years) and both places staff were v helpful & one is going to give us extra discount when we go back for things!
    Sarah xx
  • thanks, sarah thats really helpfull gonna have a look at that.

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