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I have been booked for an induction next Tues - I have to go to the labour ward at 6pm which seems a bit odd - does anyone know how long an induction takes and what they do - and of course is it more painful!!?


Sue 41 wks x


  • They can call you in at any time i believe and it depend how long the gell or injection take to work. I don't think its any painfull, well I hope not anyway because I think I am lined up for one in a few weeks time lol!

    I hope it all goes well!

    Tracey x
  • Hi hon, it really is different for everyone. They started my induction at 11pm on the Mon eve, Rhys was born 0342 Wed am. Mine was done with a pessary, but it really depends how favourable you already are. They may just go to breaking your waters straight off if you've already made some progress, they may insert a pessary, or they may put you on a drip. As for whether or not it hurt-I've only had one baby and I often say labour was the best experience of my life. It bloody hurts, but any labour does-well, the vast majority! I don't think it was any more painful because I was induced though! Good luck, you'll be fine!
    Carly 24+6 xxx
  • oh huni, i was induced with brooke, each person is different but this is my experience... i went in at 10pm and was given my first pessary. i ended up with 4 pessarys then the drip to get going. the pessaries arnt the most comfatable thing but not painful. if this is your first baby it might take a while it took 4 days for brooke to come after i was induced. if its 2nd or more the induction works quicker... have as much sex as u can coz the pesssary has the same active ingrediant in it as sperm! x
  • i was induced with my 3rd and i wouldnt be bothered if i had to be induced this time round it was a great expereince it was my quickest most in control birth i had, 3 hours start to finsih only on gas and air and it wasnt anymore painful at all it was the only birth i did just on gas and air everyone is diffrent i started with the gel then they broke my waters i went on a drip and that was it all systems go, good luck x

    chloe 36+6
  • I was induced with my daughter (my first) and I was given the pessary at about 10pm. Contractions started approx 5am next morning and she was born at 1.48pm. Haven't got any other labours to compare it to, but it was very painful, I had gas & air, and diamorphine (which only made me sick). I wouldn't be afraid to be induced again, but it does dewpend on how ready your body is for labour as to how long it takes.

    Good luck xx
  • I was induced with my first, they inserted the gel at 9pm, started having contractions an hour later. My waters broke by themselves and dd was born at 3.20pm next day. Don't have anything to compare it to pain wise but had gas and air and diamorphine(sp?) and needed the venthous(sp?) in the end.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the info - sounds like its going to be long night!

    Still hoping baby'll come on its own this week so i can go to the midwife unit and not hospital.
  • i had 2 go in the night b4. i was induced with the gel @ 6 in the morning, followed by some more later on tht morning.. contractions started a couple of hours later... it all ended in emergency section after15 hours of labour... it is said contractions r more painful after being induced.. also more likely 2 end in section... bt of course tht does NOT mean EVERY1!!!!!!!
  • I'm glad this thread was posted as i'm supposed to be induced too as to when atm i have no idea somewhere around 38/39wks, seems most of you ladies had quite positive experiences, i just hoping as this is my 3rd that maybe induction will be a bit quicker for me and i can just get it done with especially as i'm worrying about coming off the anti-coagulation before hand don't want to be off too long if i can help it saying that my haemotologist would be happier to get me back on it sooner rather than later too!!!!

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