do ALL nhs hopsitals test for downs,NT test ,ect?

i was just wondering wether NHS hospital always check for downs and abnomalies? or is it limited?


  • Depends what you mean by testing for downs. Like Zoey says not everywhere offers the nt scan (I didn't get one) but I think everywhere does the blood screening for downs to identify if you are high risk, although this is optional depending on whether or not you want it done.
  • It's a postcode lottery I'm afraid but most areas offer something. You either get the NT scan (not in my area: in fact I never even had a 12 week scan!) or the 16 week bloods, or both. My area offered the 16 week bloods. I refused them tho as there's always a chance you get high risk and nothing is wrong. When I found out that the 20 week scan detects Down's almost as well - I thought why bother. xxx
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