Boy or a Girl

Hi Girls,

This is my first time on this Chat Room, so Hi..!

I have a question, we had our 20 week scan last week and decided not to find out the sex. We have 4 really clear scan piccies, does anyone know of any tell tale marks which indicates a boy or a girl, apart from the obvious winkie... We only have side on views so none of that area but there are some markings which look like they are inside the baby if that makes sense??

I have gone from not wanting to know to desperate to know.. Must be the hormones.


  • hi becs, my advice to you would be to have a 3d/4d scan if your area is anything like mine! i only get the 2 scans 10 and 20 weeks! I luckly changed my mind last min in the room and found out and am so glad i did as its really helping me to bond with my bump we are having a boy and are calling him joshua so (sounds silly!) but when you can really feel him kick its nice to be able to talk to him and we will ofte say thigs like'say hello josh' or goodnight josh and he tends to kick im 32 weeks tommrrow so further on than you but i know some girls in the april forum had them done to find out the sex i know they can be pricey though

    good luck !
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