anyone wondering what their baby will look like?

i am i keep wondering if she'll have blonde hair like me or be dark like my hubby?? all my sisters and my brother have blonde hair even though my mum has brown hair and my dad has jet black hair! i keep wondering who she'll take after more!! oh well not that long til i find out!!

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  • We had a 3D scan and the baby looks like my sister did as a baby! It has the same nose as I did but the little face is just like my sister! The lips are like hubby's tho. We don't know if it's a boy or girl - we chose not to find out. We keep wondering about hair and eye colour too, not long to find out tho!

  • I always think about this! I have a 3 year old too and she did look like I imagined her to look when born. She had my dark hair and olive skin but looked a lot like my oh, although she's blonde now!!!!! I wonder if this one will look like her???
    I think baby's always tend to look more like their dads, apparently its something to do with bonding with the dad so they come out looking like them lol.
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  • Iv not really thought about wat my baby will look like purely because i just imagine it to look exactly like my son. I dnt know why but everytime i try and imagine the baby i just see Rhys as he was as a baby. Stupid really coz this baby will probably look nothing like Rhys especially if its a girl, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Yeah thats true, I do imagine her to look like her sister but I suppose thats all we have to compare them to lol. Are you hoping for a girl this time Kerry or don't you mind?xxx
  • It would be nice to have a lil girl but im really not fussed. OH is desperate for a lil girl but iv told him not to get his hopes up coz i think im having a boy, seem to be carrying the same as i did with Rhys, although the actually pregnancy has been quite different. Oh well only time will tell roll on July, lol. xxx

  • I do wonder, oh has blonde hair and I have dark hair-it would be interesting to see what little one has, I cant wait. Although I was born with dark hair and it turned blonde when I was a toddler then went back dark again as I grew up.
    My sister has just had a little boy and he looks like my niece did when she was born-except you can tell he's a boy-as wierd as that sounds.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I wonder about that too. My hair is blonde, I'm the only person in my family (except my daughter) with blonde hair! Everyone else has really dark hair so dont know where I get that from! My husband has really dark hair though and I think baby will have dark hair like him.
  • i aint got a clue what ma baby will look like , ive got brown hair and dad is fair , we both have blue eyes . the only thing is im worried about their ears not to be nasty but dad has biggish ears and his other daughter is exactly the same as him god i sound awful x
  • Hi i keep wondering to as we have a boy and a girl and they look like each other so i keep thinking what this one will look like if it will be similar to the other 2 or look completly different,its another boy, both my 2 look like me one minute then dh the next its funny how they change every day lol
    vikki xx
  • We can't wait to see what he looks like!!

    I reckon he'll probably have brown hair and eyes like his dad, as the features are quite strong on his side of the family.

    I've got blonde hair and blue eyes but dye my hair brown, so it'll look a bit strange if he comes out blondeimage
  • Constantly wondering!
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